Answers to frequently asked questions for incoming residents to the Anesthesia Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Q.  What benefits are available to residents?

A.  Residents are eligible for medical, dental, disability, life insurance and much more. View a comprehensive list of all the benefits available to residents.

Q.  Will there be an opportunity to discuss my benefits options with a benefits expert?

A.  Yes. During your orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet with Massachusetts General Hospital Human Resources representatives who will explain the medical and dental benefits, as well as the disability and life insurance programs. You may sign up during this time as well. 

Q.  Is there housing assistance available to residents?

A.  Yes. The Partners Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office offers a Housing Exchange Database and a Lease Guarantee Program for residents and fellows. Please visit the Partners GME Housing website for more information.

Once you match to our program, we will keep you up-to-date with rentals available from our graduating CA-3’s, which tend to be affordable and in close proximity to the hospital.  

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Please visit the Boston Housing Authority website for more information. 

Q.  Are there childcare options available through Partners HealthCare?

A.  Yes. Learn more about childcare options

Q.  What will my annual salary be?

A.  The resident salary scale is based on your post-graduate year (PGY) level and can be found on the Partners GME website. This salary scale applies to all residents across the Partners system, including Mass General.

Q.  What are my commuting options if I do not live within walking distance of the hospital?

A.  As a resident, you have two options which are subsidized by the hospital: you can drive or take public transportation. Each resident is eligible for either an assigned parking space within walking distance to the hospital, or a discounted T-Pass (Charlie Card) for unlimited train and bus rides. Fees are subject to change.

Q.  Will I have to sign an employment contract?

A.  Yes. Each year, every resident will receive a contract and associated GME and departmental policies. You may preview them at the Partners GME website (Word) 

Q.  Does the program offer any financial assistance?

A.  Yes. We offer several financial benefits to our residents, including:

  • Providing an educational allotment for books and other materials
  • Supporting travel to national meetings as well as qualifying international travel
  • Subsidizing the purchase of an iPad  
  • Covering the expenses associated with the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) PART I Board Exam
  • Supplying a Zipcar to residents who do not have a car and are assigned to a rotation that is not accessible by hospital or public transportation 
  • Providing a meal card to assist with meals while on call

Q.  What “other” expenses should I plan on which would not be covered by my educational allotment or funded by the department?

A.  Residents are responsible for all expenses related to licensure and parking at outside institutions (i.e. Boston Children’s Hospital). Parking at Boston Children’s Hospital is currently $265 for the two-month rotation.