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9/13/15: Aspects of patient/physician interaction may contribute to improvement of heartburn symptoms The results of a small study of patients being treated for chronic heartburn suggest that the longer, more comprehensive interaction that is typical of visits with complementary and integrative medicine providers may result in greater symptom relief than conventional visits.

9/29/15: Mass. General investigator Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD, a recipient of Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research MGH Department of Pathology and Cancer Center investigator Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD, is one of three recipients of the 2015 Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research, given by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

9/26/15: Genetic profiles of brain metastases differ from those of primary tumors A new study finds that, while brain metastases share some genetic characteristics with the primary tumors from which they originated, they also carry unique genetic mutations, indicating that the evolutionary pathways of the metastatic and the primary tumors have diverged, which may change sensitivities to targeted therapy drugs.

9/23/15: Researchers develop strategy for determining how non-coding gene sequences contribute to disease risk A paper receiving advance online release in Nature Medicine describes a strategy for meeting one of today’s most significant challenges in genomic medicine – determining whether a specific DNA variant in the non-protein-coding genome is the actual disease-causing variant of an associated disease risk.

9/22/15: National school-based mental health intervention improves psychological and academic outcomes for at-risk students A national school-based mental health program that is now reaching almost one quarter of all elementary school students in Chile appears to have produced significant improvements in both behavioral and academic outcomes, such as attention problems and school attendance, among participating students.

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