Friday, November 11, 2011

Influencing change

LEADING THE WAY: From left, Fried, Washington, Reeve, Walsh, Prestipino.
Seated, Alexa Kimball, MD, vice president of the MGPO and vice chair of the
Department of Dermatology, left, and Gies

More than 200 MGH managers and supervisors attended the Women in Leadership event, “200 Years and Counting: How Women Leaders Can Influence the Changing Healthcare Landscape,” Oct. 27 at the Holiday Inn Boston at Beacon Hill.

The fourth annual event featured a panel discussion about the rapidly-changing world of health care as well as personal success stories from four featured speakers, who shared how they balance high-level careers at Boston hospitals with the demands of family and other personal obligations.

“I was very pleased to be part of this wonderful event,” says speaker Valerie Stone, MD, MPH, associate chief of the General Medicine Unit at the MGH. “I’ve learned a lot on my long journey from first-year medical student in 1979 to full professor and associate chief of an MGH academic division in 2011. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to share some of these lessons with fellow colleagues, in hopes that it would be helpful to them along their journey and in their efforts to break through the glass ceiling.”

Other panelists who spoke during the two-hour program were Naomi Fried, PhD, chief innovation officer at Children’s Hospital; Beth Gies, director of Policy and Research at Partners HealthCare; and Kate Walsh, president and CEO of Boston Medical Center. The event was moderated by Pamela Reeve, chair of The Commonwealth Institute, and also featured remarks from Ann L. Prestipino, MPH, senior vice president of MGH Surgical and Anesthesia Services and Clinical Business Development, and Deborah Washington, RN, director of the MGH Diversity Program for Patient Care Services.

“It was truly an inspirational event – not only for the attendees, but for the speakers as well,” Prestipino says. “It was great to see so many incredible women in various stages of their careers coming together to influence change.”

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