The Assistive Technology Center in The Maxwell & Eleanor Blum Patient and Family Learning Center is located on the first floor of the White Building, Room 110. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

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For patients with mobility impairments:

  • Kensington Turbo Mouse – A mouse with a roller trackball to help with computer navigation
  • Infogrip Roller Plus Joystick – A mouse with two settings, T-bar and soft sponge ball. Switches can be easily connected to copy the mouse buttons
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For patients with visual impairments:

  • Headset – a noise-canceling microphone and headphones are available for use with speech-recognition software
  • Large Print Keyboard Labels – A white background with black lettering makes keys easier to see
  • Telesensory low-vision aid (Vertex)– a portable device that magnifies printed materials in high-contrast black text on white or white text on black
  • Duxbury Braille Translator - A Braille translation program that converts Microsoft Word, text, HTML and others file formats into Braille
  • Romeo Pro 50 Braille embosser – works with the Duxbury Braille translation software to emboss or print documents in Braille
  • JAWS – screen reader software that can be used with many software applications and the Internet. Information from the screen is read aloud, providing technology to access a wide variety of information, education and job-related applications. JAWS voice recognition software requires repeated usage to ensure accuracy so may best meet the needs of long-term patients
  • ZoomText – software that magnifies the material on the computer screen in a choice of sizes, making all applications easy to see and use
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For patients with impaired hearing:

  • Closed caption patient information – patient education videos are available in closed caption on a variety of topics such as cardiac conditions, diabetes and health promotion. These can be viewed in patients’ rooms on the Mass General Patient Education Channel