ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic

Mass General offers multidisciplinary care at its ALS clinic. The clinic is directed by Dr. Merit Cudkowicz and staffed by a team of neuromuscular physicians and health care providers specializing in the care of individuals with ALS.

Neuromuscular diagnostic services

The ALS Clinic provides neuromuscular diagnostic services including, MRI, lab tests, and Electromyography.

Disease and symptom management

Patients are provided with individualized care plans for disease and symptom management.

pulmonary care
Pulmonary care and consultation

Pulmonary specialists provide interventions help to minimize respiratory distress and fatigue that are symptoms of ALS.

Coordination of care, education, and counseling

Through the multidisciplinary approach, the Clinic coordinates care plans with resources, clinicians, and support systems located in our patients' communities.

Clinical trial enrollment and coordination

For those interested in participating in an ALS clinical trial, our staff are trained to help you fully understand what it means to participate in a clinical trial.


The MGH Telehealth program provides coordinated care to patients and families through virtual technology including: phone, video, text, email, mobile applications and remote monitoring. This allows our clinicians to interact with patients in a way that is most convenient and best suited to the patient's medical needs.