Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NEW book written by Marilyn Wilcher! "Grab A Tiger by the Toe: Stress Proof Your Child"

New Book by BHI Senior Director Marilyn WIlcher

The Institute proudly announces the release of a new e-book written by Senior Director, Marilyn Wilcher.  The book, entitled, "Grab a Tiger by the Toe," was written for parents who would like to help their children and teens overcome stress, and is available online on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

Marilyn is the founder of the Education Initiative, a program established in 1989. Ever since its inception, this program has taught thousands of educators, parents, children and teens to reduce stress. The methods described in the book are evidence-based and have been empirically demonstrated to reduce stress in children and teenagers.

"We need to give this generation a "toolbox" of healthy ways to cope, a powerful set of stress-management strategies that can enable them to make their way successfully through the minefields of their lives. The purpose of this book is to help you develop just such a toolbox for you and your child."
This book can be ordered at Barnes & Noble or Amazon


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