Blood Donor Center

Is your company too small to host a bloodmobile, but would still like to get involved in blood donation as an organization? If you are located in Boston or Cambridge our car service might be just the thing for you!

Car Service

cars service

The MGH Blood Donor Center's Car Service is idea for companies and organizations located within Boston and Cambridge that have fewer than 250 people at their location.

MGH will provide a car to pick up groups of 3-4 donors at a time and will transport the group from their location to the MGH Blood Donor Center and back to their office.

The entire process takes approximately one hour. The process includes travel time, a health history, a while blood donation, and refreshments. In that one hour, you and the fellow participating members of your organization can help save a life. Just imagine, in a mere lunch break, you can help up to three different MGH patients!

Many of our current groups schedule one or multiple car trips on a specific day; some groups even schedule multiple trips over a period of days. Marketing Specialist Meredith Wentworth will work with you to tailor the car trips to fit your organization’s needs.

To learn more about the MGH Blood Donor Center’s Car Service, please call 617-726-8171.

 *This service is also available for groups of platelet donors. For more information about platelet donation, please contact Mary Kate Callaway at 617-726-8171.