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10/25/2008: When Courage is the Cure
The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe profiles a patient with a rare genetic predisposition for stomach cancer who recently underwent prophylactic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

11/13/2008: Popular Mechanics Magazine Recognizes CTC Device as 2008 Breakthrough Innovation Award
The Popular Mechanics fourth annual Breakthrough Awards were announced last week and Mehmet Toner, PhD and the Circulating Tumor Cell Device (CTC) was cited in the Science and Technology Division

10/2/2008: Extra copies of EGFR gene
Targeted treatment of gene-amplified tumors may improve outcomes

8/21/2008: New Heights for Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment
The Guardian (U.K.)

8/19/2008: Obese Prostate Cancer Patients May Benefit More from Brachytherapy
e! Science News/Canada

7/24/2008: Choose Your Own Splicer
Science News

7/18/2008: Tanning Beds and Cancer
Washington Post

7/16/2008: MGH And Emerson Team Up On Clinic
Boston Globe

12/5/2008: Doctors Warn Of Spike In Skin Cancer Among Women

7/11/2008: Partners Near Top In US News Rankings
Boston Globe

7/1/2008: HER-2 Improves Survival in Patients with Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis
Reuters Health

6/30/2008: Breast Cancer Researchers Look For Clues To Disease Development
White Coat Notes/

5/22/2008: Cediranib Prolongs Survival in Recurrent Glioblastoma

6/10/2008: Brain Tumor Team Offers Message of Hope
Miami Herald

5/20/2008: Determining Genetic Signature Of Lung Tumors Can Help Guide Treatment
Journal of Clinical Oncology

5/24/2008: How to Plant a Green Roof?

5/26/2008:Laser Therapy a New Option for Vocal-Cord Cancers
HealthDay News

5/2/2008: Brain Cancer Patients Share Sympathy
Boston Globe

4/16/2008: Sutent, Tykerb May Curb Liver Cancer
Web MD

5/2/2008: Discovery Shows How Fungi Pump Up Defense
HMS Focus

4/30/2008: Breakthrough Treatment Saves Vocal Cords and Lives (click on photo for video link)
ABC World News Tonight

4/16/2008: The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Awards Pilot Grant to Nabeel Bardeesy, PhD
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

4/16/2008: HOPES Celebrates its 10th Anniversary
Channel 5 News

4/16/2008: Cediranib Shows Promise For Recurrent Glioblastoma

4/16/2008: Sutent, Tykerb May Curb Liver Cancer
Web MD

4/17/2008: Cancer Appeal Is Being Expanded
Express and Star (U.K.)

4/15/2008: Avastin May Stop Rectal Cancer Spread

4/15/2008: Measuring Arm Edema in Breast Cancer Patients After Axillary Surgery Leads to Improved Lymphoedema Management
Doctor’s Guide

3/11/2008: Estrogen Blocking Drug Good Later than Thought in Breast Cancer
eNews 2.0

3/11/2008: More Women Can Cut Cancer Relapse Risk
Washington Post

3/11/2008: Study: Drug Can Curb Breast Cancer Recurrence
NPR (audio link)

3/10/2008: New DNA Test Can Reveal A Tumor's ID
Boston Globe

3/3/2008: Cancer Drug: How Good is Good Enough?
Boston Globe

11/12/2007: rostate Cancer Deaths Tied to Obesity
CanWest News Service (Canada)

2/29/2008: Stem Cells May Aid Treaments
Harvard Crimson

8/30/2008: High-Dose Chemo Helps Beat Rare Brain Cancer
HealthDay News

8/30/2008: Living Longer With Brain Tumors
Ivanhoe Newswire

8/28/2008:High-Dose Methotrexate Effective Treatment for Primary CNS Lymphoma
Reuters Health

8/28/2008: Building Stronger Bones with Stem Cells
Ivanhoe Newswire

Coverage of Senator Kennedy’s Diagnosis and Care

6/2/2008: Kennedy Brain Surgery 'Successful'

6/2/2008: Kennedy's Brain Tumor Surgery Deemed a Success

6/3/2008: Kennedy's Surgery May Give Doctors Option to Try New Medicines
Bloomberg News

6/3/2008: Kennedy Has 'Successful' Surgery
Boston Globe

7/25/2008: Kennedy Completes Cancer Treatment
WCVB-TV, Ch. 5

7/25/2008: Kennedy Completes Last Day Of Chemo, Radiation
WBZ-TV, Ch. 4

7/26/2008: Wife Reports Sen. Ted Kennedy Completes Chemo Treatment
Boston Herald

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