OCEAN (Ovarian Cancer Education Awareness Network) is a non profit, member support organization, founded by ovarian cancer survivors and supporters under the umbrella of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Its mission is to increase awareness, promote education, and help fund research of ovarian cancer.


OCEAN @ MGH raises funds and     awareness to help all those affected by ovarian cancer.

About Ocean Since it's inception in February 2000, OCEAN has successfully sponsored a variety of diverse events that raise public awareness of ovarian cancer and funds for research and education.

OCEAN News and Events

  • In September 2011 OCEAN @ MGH has given $111,000 to the OCEAN @ MGH Tumor Bank for the Study of Ovarian Cancer in recognition of September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and OCEAN's eleventh anniversary.
  • Zia Clothing Outlet at 91 Trapelo Rd in Belmont,MA is running a "Teal for Toes" campaign for ovarian cancer awareness month and polish is available. Learn more.
  • OCEAN @ MGH is participating again this year November 6, 2011 in the 5 K Cancer walk that is part of the Ralph Lord Memorial Walk at Lexington High School at noon on November, 6, 2011. Information and registration [pdf]

Contact UsOCEAN at Massachusetts General Hospital
Development Office
165 Cambridge Street, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-726-2200
Fax: 617-726-7661
email: ocean@mgh.harvard.edu

Judith Rose Shea Golf TournamentThe Judith Rose Shea Golf Tournament raises more than $50,000 on behalf of ovarian cancer research. For information, visit www.judithroseshea.org

OCEAN @MGH Tumor and Blood BankIn collaboration with the Gynecologic Oncology Research Committee, OCEAN at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center committed significant financial support to develop and sustain the “OCEAN @MGH Comprehensive Tumor and Blood Bank for the Study of Ovarian Cancer.” The goal of the Bank is to collect tumor and blood samples from patients along with sufficient clinical information to enable answers to ovarian cancer research questions more quickly than would otherwise be possible. No other ovarian cancer research tumor bank of this magnitude and infrastructure exists in New England.

Family members donating to OCEAN in memory of loved ones who have died of ovarian cancer may be gratified knowing their donations are funding research projects to understand and ultimately reduce the occurrence and mortality of this disease. Support and financial assistance for the Bank will be a legacy to future generations of women at risk.
Seventh Anniversary EventDuring the 7th anniversary event of OCEAN, a sizable check was made to the Tumor Bank. The money raised helps support the science of unraveling the ovarian cancer biology and helps to find a cure.
About Ovarian CancerOvarian Cancer SymptomsThe symptoms of ovarian cancer are subtle, persistent, and usually increase over time.
They may include:

  • pelvic and/or abdominal swelling, pain, and/or a feeling of fullness
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea, indigestion, or unexplained change in bowel habits
  • fatigue
  • abnormal bleeding
  • pain during intercourse
  • frequency and/or urgency of urination

If your symptoms persist more than 4 weeks don't dismiss it: take action! See your doctor.

Learn more about ovarian cancer treatment.



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