Meeting the Challenge of Cancer in Botswana

The Challenge of Cancer in Botswana symposium will address issues surrounding the delivery of cancer care in Botswana. Topics will include: Principles of Cancer Management, AIDS-Related Malignancies in Botswana and Developing a Comprehensive Cancer Plan for Botswana.

Meeting the Challenge of Cancer in Botswana: A 3-day symposium

Lansmore Masa Square Hotel
Gaborone, Botswana
Dates: May 6-8th
The Challenge of Cancer in Botswana symposium will address issues surrounding the delivery of cancer care in Botswana.  A collaboration of physicians and care-givers will work to discuss the following topics:

• Principles of Cancer Management
• AIDS-Related Malignancies in Botswana
• Management of Other Common Tumors
• Developing a Comprehensive Cancer Plan for Botswana
• Addressing High Priority Needs for Cancer in Botswana

The symposium will include individual and group lectures from presenters as well as small-discussions breakout sessions for local providers to have questions answered directly by specialists.

Sponsoring InstitutionsThe Ministry of Health of Botswana, The Botswana/Harvard Partnership for AIDS and Six University Cancer Centers (Massachusetts General, University of Pennsylvania, and Baylor College of Medicine-Botswana and Texas Children’s Hospital, Tulane Cancer Center of Tulane Medical School, University of Botswana School of Medicine).

Additional support provided by:  The National Cancer Institute and its Global Oncology Program, the American Society for Clinical Oncology, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and the Society for Translational Oncology.

A Brief History of the Program

The Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center has been working to establish a longitudinal collaboration with the Botswana oncology community. We have focused our efforts in the following areas: the creation of a multi-disciplinary tumor board, connecting the Botswana oncology community with MGH/Harvard based disease site experts, onsite training and capacity building in radiation oncology, and long distance learning and development. Activities have been directed with the active participation of representatives from the Botswana Ministry of Health, Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute, Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone Private Hospital, University of Botswana, US Embassy in Botswana, and the MGH/Harvard oncology community.

BOTSOGO (Botswana Oncology Global Outreach) Organizers

Jason A. Efstathiou M.D. DPhil
Scott Dryden-Peterson M.D.

Steering Committee:
Dr. Bruce Chabner M.D.
Dr. Tom Randall M.D.
Dr. Mompati Mmalane M.D.
Dr. Memory Bvochora-Nsingo M.D.

Overseeing Organizations:
Botswana-Harvard Partnership/Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

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