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In August, with the start of the New England Patriots preseason games, we began airing public service announcements on 93.7 WEEI Sports Radio and on 98.5 The Sports Hub. The public service announcements feature our clinicians talking about a variety of cancer-related topics as well as the progress being made in cancer care and research, and will run for the duration of the 2017-2018 season.

Keep an ear out for our public service announcements as you listen to 93.7 and 98.5!

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PSAs Library

Listen to our library of public service announcements, featuring experts from the Mass General Cancer Center.










    • Krista Rubin, NP
      Nurse Practitioner, Center for Melanoma

      Nurse Practitioner Krista Rubin shares information about melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. She talks about some of the common causes, and the people who have a higher risk for skin cancer while also reminding us that anyone can develop melanoma. She stresses the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, and talks about exciting targeted therapies and immunotherapies that are improving outcomes for melanoma patients.

      Listen to Krista's PSA




Everyday Amazing Healthcare Professionals

Each week starting with the season opener in September, a member from the Mass General Cancer Center team will be named the Everyday Amazing Healthcare Professional of the game! Check back to see who was honored and listen to the radio spots. Go Pats!

Gilbert Daniels, MD
Listen to Dr. Daniels's radio spot

Game 11: 11/26/17
Patriots: 35; Dolphins: 17

Elyse Park, PhD, MPH
Listen to Dr. Park's radio spot

Game 10: 11/19/17
Patriots: 33; Raiders: 8

Daniel Chung, MD
Listen to Dr. Chung's radio spot

Game 9: 11/12/17
Patriots: 41; Broncos: 16

Courtney McLeish
Listen to Courtney's radio spot

Game 8: 10/29/17
Patriots: 21; Chargers: 13

Angela Sousa, MSN, ANP-BC, ACHPN
Listen to Angela's radio spot

Game 7: 10/22/17
Patriots: 23; Falcons: 7

Amanda Crawford Freeman, NP
Listen to Amanda's radio spot

Game 6: 10/15/17
Patriots: 24; Jets: 17

Daniel Doody, MD and Daniel Ryan, MD
Listen to their radio spot

Game 5: 10/5/17
Patriots: 19; Buccaneers: 14

Beverly Moy, MD, MPH
Listen to Dr. Moy's radio spot

Game 4: 10/1/17
Patriots: 30; Panthers: 33

Michael Blute, MD
Listen to Dr. Blute's radio spot

Game 3: 9/24/17
Patriots: 36; Texans: 33

Meghan Kearney, MS, RTT
Listen to Meghan's radio spot

Game 2: 9/17/17
Patriots: 36; Saints: 20

David Miyamoto, MD, PhD
Listen to Dr. Miyamoto's radio spot

Game 1: 9/7/17
Patriots: 27; Chiefs: 42

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