Everyone has a story to tell.

The Story Project is our effort to capture the stories from the people in our Mass General Cancer Center community: patients, friends, family, clinicians, and staff who have been affected by cancer in some way. Our hope is that people will benefit from sharing their stories and from reading other’s stories.

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Jean Moore

"I don’t have a choice in this diagnosis, my choice is my attitude." Read Jean's Story

Esther O'Dette, RN

"It’s no longer just chemo, radiation, surgery; it’s also mind, body, and soul." Read Esther's Story

Bob O'Mara

"I decided it was time to do something, so I decided I wanted to be a volunteer…I’m the snack dude." Read Bob's Story

Anthony and Nina Schifone

"I’ve had quite a few experiences here and I am grateful." Read Anthony and Nina's Story

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