Expressive Arts

Discover how art therapy and music therapy, part of the Katherine A. Gallagher Integrative Therapies Program, can enhance recovery, health and wellness.

Free Expressive Arts TherapyOur art therapist and music therapist engage adults and children in artistic projects to help them through their cancer experience. Whether it is a one-time visit with a therapist or frequent sessions throughout cancer treatment, our therapists use the creative process to foster growth and healing in our patients and their families.

Our clinically-trained arts therapist uses a variety of art materials like paints, clay and pastels to help people explore different topics and emotions. Our board-certified music therapist uses different skills like making music, improvisation and composing to benefit people physically, emotionally and cognitively. These therapies can help patients and their loved ones:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Decrease side effects such as nausea
  • Assist with pain management, including physical, emotional and spiritual aspects
  • Provide an outlet to express their emotions
  • Increase self-esteem

Watch patients express their feelings and creativity through art therapy.

See how patients benefit from music therapy.

Support for Expressive Arts TherapyOur free expressive arts therapy program is funded by donations and grants. All gifts in support of our efforts are greatly appreciated and thoughtfully used to help people with their cancer journey.

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