Oncology Social Work

Oncology Social Workers are licensed mental health professionals who provide support for the many issues that may affect patients and their families during cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Oncology Social Work

Oncology social workers are licensed counselors with experience helping patients and families living with cancer.
People often need to talk about how to:

  • Express feelings
  • Support and talk with children
  • Change behaviors such as drug and alcohol use
  • Adapt to changes in family roles
  • Live through loss and grief

Your social worker will listen and provide support and guidance. In addition to individual and family counseling, social workers offer support groups and referrals to hospital and community resources.
Oncology social work services are free of charge. No referral is needed.
For more information ask for the social worker on your treatment team.

For more information about MGH social workers, our services and programs, see www.mghsocialwork.org

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