Oncology Social Work

Oncology Social Workers are licensed mental health professionals who provide support for the many issues that may affect patients and their families during cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.


A cancer diagnosis can cause stress to patients and their care givers. Many questions and concerns arise from the time of diagnosis and in the months that follow. Oncology Social Workers within the Mass General Cancer Center are licensed mental health professionals who offer emotional support to patients and their families.

As a member of your treatment team, Oncology Social Workers provide individual and family counseling to support your coping; you can share your experiences and identify ways of dealing with the uncertainty of cancer. We also have information about Mass General and community services, including support groups.

Our Services

Oncology Social Workers can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Processing emotions related to adjustment to illness and treatment
  • Guidance to parents in talking with their children about cancer
  • Navigation of the health care system
  • Living through loss and grief
  • Addressing domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Assistance in accessing transportation, governments benefits, and community resources

Oncology Social Work services are free of charge. No referral is needed. We invite you to utilize our services at any time during your care.

Meet the Team

  • Lourdes Barros, MSW, LICSW

    Clinical Director
    Tel: 617-724-0556

  • Emily Doerr, MSW, LICSW

    Tel: 617-724-3956

  • Adi Chenki-Shapsa, MSW, LICSW

    Tel: 617-643-2355

  • Linda Baylis Bonell, MSW, LICSW

    Gastrointestinal (colon, pancreatic, stomach, liver)
    Tel: 617-726-2661

  • Leanne Miller, MSW, LICSW

    Gastrointestinal (colon, pancreatic, stomach, liver)
    Tel: 617-643-4807

  • Jaclyn Cardarelli, MSW, LCSW

    Gyn (ovarian, cervical, endometrial/uterine)
    Tel: 617-726-4274

  • Mary Zwirner, MSW, LICSW

    Brain Tumor
    Tel: 617-726-1061

  • Megan Vandenberg, MSW, LCSW

    Head and Neck
    Hematology (lymphoma, multiple myeloma)
    Tel: 617-724-5258

  • Natasha Johnson, MSW, LICSW

    Thoracic (lung, esophageal)
    Tel: 617-726-1045

  • Mark Leone, MSW, LCSW

    Genitourinary (prostate, testicular, bladder, kidney)
    Bone Marrow
    Tel: 617-643-6438

  • Jennifer D'Alotto, MSW, LICSW

    Bone Marrow
    Tel: 617-724-0596

  • Lauren DeMarco, MSW, LICSW, ACHP-SW

    Inpatient, Lunder 9
    Tel: 857-238-5952

  • Eric M. Hanson, MSW, LICSW

    Inpatient Bone Marrow, Lunder 10
    Tel: 857-238-1052

  • Nova Hodge, MSW, LICSW

    MGH Waltham Cancer Center
    Tel: 781-487-6251

  • Petrina Jacob

    Resource Specialist
    Tel: 617-724-0295

Contact Us

To get in touch with us, please refer to the Meet the Team tab to find the social worker connected to your disease center.

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