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Oncology Sexual Health Clinic

We provide a specialized clinic aimed at the comprehensive evaluation and treatment for women with concerns about sexual heath after a diagnosis or treatment for cancer.


The oncologists and social workers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center believe that cancer and any related surgery or treatment should not interfere with intimacy or sexuality. However, sometimes these are issues that go unaddressed in the context of the diagnosis and treatment required for cancer.

Now, women treated for and those living with cancer can make an appointment at the Oncology Sexual Health Clinic. Women can either refer directly to the center or may be referred by one of their clinicians. All patients are seen by Dr. Don S. Dizon, a nationally recognized expert in women's cancers, cancer survivorship, and sexual health.

He works closely with the center's social workers, psychologists, gynecologists, and physiatrists to tailor treatment plans to individual patient's needs.


This is one of the only sexual health clinics devoted to patients living with and beyond cancer that is also directed by a board-certified oncologist. Dr. Dizon also works closely with oncology and primary care providers to create a treatment plan specific to the patient's needs.

Multidisciplinary Patient Care

Our approach to sexual dysfunction involves a coordinated approach to the treatment of sexual health, which includes the use of standardized questionnaires to evaluate sexual function, quality of life, and psychological status.

The consultation is a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Dizon with expertise as needed to individualize therapy, which may include involvement of:

  • Social workers for counseling and psychosocial support
  • Gynecologists who provide gynecologic follow-up when needed
  • Physiatrists who coordinate therapy for patients experiencing pelvic pain
  • Physical therapists who provide therapy for patients with pelvic symptoms
  • Mental health specialists who provide support and counseling for patients who are having difficulties coping with life after cancer

About this Program

Private and thorough consultation

The Center operates in the Gillette Center for Women's Cancers on Yawkey 9E of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. The evaluation usually takes one hour initially and is guided by the use of validated questionnaires that assess current sexual health, quality of life, and emotional health.

Women can expect an open conversation about issues related to their own sexual health and intimacy concerns in this consultation, which incorporates a directed physical exam and comprehensive discussions on female sexuality and the relationship between sex and intimacy. Sexual therapeutics and aides may also be a part of the consultation.

The objective is to help craft an individualized plan developed to help you maintain or rediscover your sexual self.

Patient Education

  • The Katherine A. Gallagher Integrative Therapies Program

    The Katherine A. Gallagher Integrative Therapies Program focuses on improving the quality of life and well-being of Cancer Center patients, their families and friends through free wellness services such as acupuncture and yoga. These services help you take care of your whole self — mind, body and spirit.

  • Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Center

    The Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Center is a program that offers a range of support resources around the Cancer Center. The center has an ongoing mission to make support services, as well as respite and community-building areas, more accessible to patients and families throughout the Cancer Center.

  • Illuminations Program

    Illuminations is a rotating art exhibit displayed in the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. The program aims to enlighten and encourage patients and their loved ones by enhancing our environment of care.

  • Oncology Chaplaincy

    Our oncology chaplain is familiar with the unique needs of those with cancer.

  • Home Disconnect

    A home infusion pump may be part of your treatment plan. In some cases, you may have the option for disconnecting the chemotherapy from home. If this option applies to you, and you would prefer to disconnect from home, this instructional video will reinforce the teaching provided to you by your nurse in the Mass General cancer Center


Contact Us

Oncology Sexual Health Clinic

55 Fruit St Boston, MA 02114
  • Phone: 617-724-4800

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