Workshops and Support Groups

Our support programs are designed to help patients, their families and caregivers cope with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. We offer a wide range of integrative therapies, workshops and support groups. On this page you will find details of each of our workshops and support groups.

Download this listing as a .pdfWorkshops & Support GroupsServices are provided by the Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Room. Activities are subject to date, location, and time change. To confirm a specific class, please call (617) 724-1822.


KnittingKnitting Hour
Love to knit or want to learn how? Drop in and relax with fellow knitters. All skill levels welcome. Bring your own yarn or use ours.
Led by Katrina Scott, Oncology Chaplain

Moving Forward After Treatment
Explore common feelings and life challenges associated with the end of treatment. Learn what can help you cope as you transition back into everyday life.
Led by: Paula Gauthier, Oncology Social Worker

Look Good, Feel Better
Th is program teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Learn tips such as for caring for your skin and how to manage hair loss. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Call to register: (617) 726-3211.
Led by: Kathy Bazazi, Images Boutique

Spiritual Well-Being
Spiritual well-being includes our relationship with the environment, with others, and with ourselves. Explore ways to refresh and support your inner spirit with spiritual practices such as prayer, affirmations, guided imagery and labyrinth walking.
Led by: Katrina Scott, Oncology Chaplain

Spiritual Wellness Tune-Up
Experience practical ways to refresh and support your spiritual well-being while you are in treatment.
Led by: Katrina Scott, Oncology Chaplain

Fighting Cancer with Your Fork
Meet with the Cancer Center Nutritionist and learn how eating well can make you feel better.
Led by: Julia Hincman and Carol Sullivan, Oncology Nutritionists

Fighting Cancer with Your Fork (For Breast Cancer Patients)
Good nutrition is important for supporting a healthy immune system. This informational session will discuss how to maintain a healthy weight, and will discuss nutrition “hot topics” related to breast cancer.
Led by: Carol Sullivan, Oncology Nutritionist

Healthcare Proxies: How to Get Started
In the event that you become unable to make or express your healthcare preferences, your family and friends may need to make the decisions on your behalf. Learn about healthcare proxies and other steps you can take to make your healthcare choices known.
Led by: Katrina Scott, Oncology Chaplain

Through Each Other’s Eyes
Join other patients, family members and friends interested in thought-provoking conversation. Participants respond to a story, blog or video segment and share diff erent perspectives about living with cancer. Organized by members of the Network for Patients and Families and David Browning, MSW.
Led by: David Browning, Oncology Social Worker

Chemotherapy 101: Workshop
Learning about chemotherapy and what it entails can help ease your fears and anxiety. Before you start chemotherapy, attend our free workshop. Nurses and pharmacists will give you information about chemotherapy and possible side effects, and answer your questions. Family members or friends welcome.
Led by: Cancer Center nurses and pharmacists

Relaxation Through Meditation
Experience an hour of mindfulness, breathing and guided meditation to help calm and center your mind and body.
Led by: Anne Sunshine, Clinical Social Worker

Support GroupsAll groups are offered free of charge and require preregistration, unless otherwise noted.

Brain Tumor Support Group
If you or your loved one is receiving treatment for a brain tumor, our oncology social workers are available to you to talk about your concerns.
Contact: Mary Zwirner, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 726-1061

Lung and Esophageal Cancer Support Group
Join others in a supportive environment where you can explore important issues that matter when coping with lung and esophageal cancers.
Contact: Natasha Johnson, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 726-1045

Prostate Cancer Support Group
Th is group is intended to give information to current and former prostate cancer patients and to provide a place for them to share their experiences.
Contact: Anthony Provazza, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 643-6438

Writing and Mindfulness: A Group For Women with Breast and Gynecological Cancers
Writing and Mindfulness is an 8-week group for women diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancers. The group is focused on healing through mutual support and the practices of journaling, mindfulness and meditation, and is led by Oncology Social Workers. Next group begins 9/24.
Contact: Samantha Block, LICSW, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 726-4274

Support for People with Oral, Head, and Neck Cancers (SPOHNC)
Providing information, support, and encouragement to individuals, empowering them with the knowledge necessary to go forward. Call for more information.
Contact: Valerie Goldstein, (617) 726-0651,

Thyroid Cancer Support Group
The group welcomes people at all phases of testing, treatment, and follow-up for thyroid cancer, as well as their family members and friends.
Contact: Judy Kaplan, (781) 488-3135

Additional Supportive Care Services

Bone Marrow Transplant Support
If you or your loved one is receiving bone marrow transplant, our staff members are available to you to talk about your concerns.
Contact: Jen D’Alotto, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 726-8187 or Eric Hanson, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 643-7435

Network for Patients & Families Peer Matching Program
Th is one-to-one peer support program matches patients and family members with volunteers who are experienced in living with cancer. This program is for patients who may be newly diagnosed, experiencing a change in treatment, moving forward when treatment ends, or living with cancer as a chronic disease.
Contact: Paula Gauthier, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 643-1784

Parenting With Cancer
Gain support and information about helping the children in your life cope with a parent’s cancer. For a free one-on-one consultation with one of our child psychiatrists or child psychologists, call the Marjorie E. Korff Parenting at a Challenging Time Program (PACT).
Contact: PACT, (617) 724-7272

Spiritual Support
Support is available to persons of all faiths and to those with no religious affiliation.
Contact: Katrina Scott, Oncology Chaplain, (617) 726-4225

Support for Families and Friends of Cancer Patients: Drop-in Hour
A drop-in hour to connect with other families and friends who have a loved one with cancer.
Contact: Anne Sunshine, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 643-5976

Young Adults With Cancer (ages 20–40)
Young adults dealing with or moving past cancer may have questions or worries, and don’t know where to turn. Our oncology social worker can help answer questions or guide young patients to the proper resources.
Contact: Eileen Holmes Keenan, Oncology Social Worker, (617) 724-7834


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