Experts at the Center for Leukemia work together to provide each patient with the most advanced cancer care.



The Leukemia Team

All patients of the Center for Leukemia have nurses and nurse practitioners who specialize in leukemia treatment, as well as social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists and other professionals on their care team.

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Philip Amrein, MDPhilip C. Amrein, MD

Eyal C Attar, MDEyal C. Attar, MD

Karen Ballen, MDKaren Kuhn Ballen, MD

Meghan Bergeron, NPMeghan Bergeron, NP

Amir Fathi, MDAmir Fathi, MD

Julia E. (Judy) Foster, NP


Tim Graubert, MDTim Graubert, MD

Tim Graubert, MDGaby Hobbs, MD


Hanno Hock, MDHanno Hock, MD, PhD

Steven McAfee, MDSteven L. McAfee, MD

Karen Meler, NP



Judith Ferry, MDJudith A. Ferry, MD

Nancy Harris, MDNancy Harris, MD

Robert Hasserjian, MDRobert Hasserjian, MD

Abner Louissaint, Jr., MD, PhDAbner Louissaint, Jr., MD, PhD

Aliyah Sohani, MDAliyah Sohani, MD

Lawrence Zukerberg, MDLawrence Zukerberg, MD


Amy Annese, RNAmy Annese, RN

Kristen Bodnaruk, RNKristen Bodnaruk, RN

Kathryn Cirino, RNKathryn Cirino, RN

Rhys Delaney, RNRhys Delaney, RN

Colleen Falzone, RNColleen Falzone, RN

Nicole Fugere, RNNicole Fugere, RN

Lauren Glancy, RNLauren Glancy, RN

Kelly McKennedy, RNKelly McKennedy, RN

Katie Murphy, RNKatie Murphy, RN

Jessica Rae, RNJessica Rae, RN

Kathryn Sweeney, RNKathryn Sweeney, RN

Karen Ward, RNKaren Ward, RN

Laura White, RNLaura White, RN

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