Surgical Oncology

Physicians in the Division of Surgical Oncology

Kenneth K. Tanabe, MDKenneth K. Tanabe, MD
Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology

Clinical Interests: Liver surgery; Colon cancer; Melanoma surgery; Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping; Liver cancer.

Phone: 617-724-3868

Suzanne Coopey, MDSuzanne Coopey, MD

Clinical Interests: Diagnosis and treatment of breast disease; Management of patients at high risk for breast cancer; Innovations in lumpectomy techniques; Nipple sparing mastectomy.

Phone: 617-726-6500

James Cusack, MDJames Cusack, MD

Clinical Interests: Colon and rectal cancer; Surgical oncology; Rectal cancer; Gastric (stomach) cancer; Liver cancer; Merkel cell carcinoma; Melanoma; Laparoscopic surgery; Gastrointestinal cancer; Molecular targeted therapies.

Phone: 617-724-4093

Michele Gadd, MDMichele Gadd, MD

Clinical Interests: Breast cancer; Breast cancer treatment; Benign breast evaluation; Benign breast problems; Nipple sparing mastectomy; Cosmetically designed incisions for surgical biopsies; High-risk patients; Genetic suseptibility to breast cancer.

Phone: 617-724-4800

Alex B. Haynes, MDAlex B. Haynes, MD

Clinical Interests: Melanoma, Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Skin Cancer, Retroperitoneal Sarcoma, Desmoid.

Phone: 617-643-9474

Kevin Hughes, MDKevin Hughes, MD

Clinical Interests: Management of Women at High Risk of Developing Breast or Ovarian Cancer; Screening Diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

Phone: 617-724-4800

Carrie Lubitz, MDCarrie Lubitz, MD

Clinical Interests: Parathyroid tumors; Thyroid tumors; Adrenal tumors; Head and neck cancer.

Phone: 617-643-9473

David Martini, MDDavid Martini, MD

Clinical Interests: Breast Cancer Surgery; Breast Conservation Therapy; Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy; Skin Sparing Mastectomy; Emphasis on tailoring procedures to individual patient.

Phone: 978-882-6899

John T. Mullen, MDJohn T. Mullen, MD

Clinical Interests: Soft tissue sarcoma; Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST); Carcinoid tumor; Melanoma; Retroperitoneal sarcoma; Desmoid tumor; Gastrointestinal cancer; Stomach (gastric) cancer.

Phone: 617-726-4241

Gregory Randolph, MDGregory Randolph, MD

Clinical Interests: Head and neck cancer surgery; Airway and voice surgery; Hyperparathyroidism surgery; Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring; Endocrine surgery; Thyroid cancer; Thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

Phone: 617-573-4115

Barbara Smith, MDBarbara Smith, MD

Clinical Interests: Breast cancer treatment; High-risk patients; Nipple sparing mastectomy; Innovations in breast surgical techniques.

Phone: 617-726-6500

Michelle Specht, MDMichelle Specht, MD

Clinical Interests: Diagnosis and treatment of breast disease Optimizing lumpectomy for breast cancer Nipple sparing mastectomy Intra-operative imaging Lymphedema after breast cancer treatment Paravertebral block anesthesia during breast surgery.

Phone: 617-726-0340

Antonia Stephen, MDAntonia Stephen, MD

Clinical Interests: Thyroid surgery; Parathyroid surgery; Hyperparathyroidism; Graves' disease; Thryoid cancer; Adrenal tumors.

Phone: 617-726-0531

Jeanne Yu, MDJeanne Yu, MD

Clinical Interests: Breast Cancer.

Phone: 978-882-6899