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The Cancer Center’s Network for Patients & Families and the Maxwell V. Blum Cancer Resource Center are pleased to announce our annual conference for patients and families. The 2015 conference, free to attend, is made possible by a grant from the Conquer Cancer Coalition of Massachusetts, and will be held on Saturday, October 31st 2015 in the Simches Research Center.

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2015 ConferenceDate: Saturday, October 31st, 2015
Time: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm
Location: Simches Research Center, 3rd Floor
Charles River Plaza | 185 Cambridge Street | Boston, MA 02114
Complimentary registration, lunch and parking


Like our understanding of cancer and the care required to treat cancer in its many forms, the concept of ‘survivorship’ or ‘living with cancer’ is in a state of redefinition. Each patient’s experience, even if they have the same diagnosis or are on the same treatment, can be vastly different from one another. How then do you define what living with cancer means? And, importantly, how do we honor each other’s individual experience and still find areas of common experience that can form the basis for community-building?

The conference is an opportunity to come together with other patients and families to talk about experiences and identify how, together, we can sustain an ongoing and supportive community. We hope to learn from each other so that all of us can learn to thrive, here at Mass General and beyond.


8:30-9:00am: Registration

9:00-9:15am: Welcome and Introductions

9:15-9:50am: How are Advances in Cancer Medicine Individualizing the Cancer Experience? Jeff Peppercorn, MD, MPH, Director of the Mass General Cancer Center Survivorship Program

9:50-10:25am: Shared Concerns, Shared Objectives: Towards the Concept of Community after the Cancer Experience. Don S. Dizon, MD, Director of the Mass General Oncology Sexual Health Clinic

10:25-11:00am: How Can Lifestyle Medicine Help With Quality of Life? Betsy O’Donnell, MD, Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Associate Director of the Mass General Cancer Center Survivorship Program

11:00-12:00pm: How Can We Move From Living With Cancer to Thriving? Panel Discussion and Q&A. Patients, family members and caregivers

12:00-12:15pm: Closing Thoughts and Questions. Our speakers join the panel.

12:15-1:30pm: Lunch & Networking

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2014 Conference

Dr. Don Dizon, Director of The Oncology Sexual Health Clinic at Mass General Cancer Center gave a keynote lecture at the 2014 Survivorship Conference. His talk was entitled "After Cancer: Or, on being an oncologist".


2013 Conference

Dr. Lecia Sequist, Mass General Cancer Center oncologist in the Center for Thoracic Cancers, gave a keynote lecture at the 2013 Survivorship Conference. Her talk was entitled "The Changing Landscape of Cancer Care".