Career Opportunities

Find answers to frequently asked questions about career opportunities and the job application process at Massachusetts General Hospital.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSApplying for a Position at Massachusetts General Hospital

How do I apply?

Mass General accepts only online applications. View our current opportunities and submit an application.

What happens to my application when I apply online?

Your application is automatically routed to the appropriate recruiter in Human Resources who will review your skills and experience and determine if they meet the requirements for the job.

Will I be contacted after I apply?

You will receive an automatic email notification after you submit your application. Note that this may be the only correspondence you receive about your status. We receive more than 250,000 applications per year, and for this reason, we are only able to contact candidates who best match the requirements for the position. Please be sure to read the requirements listed for each job prior to applying.

How can I check the status of a job opening for which I’ve applied?

Click here to view the status of the position for which you have applied. If the job is marked “closed” it means we have selected another candidate for the position and it is no longer available.

Is there a limit to the number of jobs to which I can apply?

You are encouraged to apply for positions that best meet your interests and qualifications.  You may see multiple positions for which you meet the criteria, however we encourage you to maintain a targeted search and apply for a limited number of positions at a time.

I was not contacted for a position for which I applied. Will I automatically be considered for other open jobs?

No. We encourage you to apply for other opportunities for which you are qualified.

Why is it important to provide a résumé/work history?

Attaching résumés to your application will allow recruiters to compare your skills and experiences to those that best fit the job. Also, recruiters will need your contact information if you are being considered for an open position.

How long is my application kept on file?

All applications remain on file for one year. Please remember to keep your contact information and work history up-to-date.

Can I make changes to my résumé or cover letter once I have submitted my application?

Federal regulations prevent us from deleting or editing a résumé or application once you have submitted it through our website. However, you can modify your application once submitted. You also may upload a new résumé into the system by updating your profile or applying for a new position. This application with the new résumé wil be visible to the recruiter and/or hiring manager going forward. 

I am an internal applicant. Is the application process different?

If you are interested in applying for a position outside of the department in which you currently work, you should provide your employment history information (résumé and application) through the internal Taleo career site. To be eligible for another position, you must have completed six months of service in your present position.

As an internal candidate, will my application remain confidential?

Yes. Your application will not be known to your manager unless you are in the pool of finalists and you authorize the hiring manager to speak with your supervisor during the reference check process. However, please be aware that all Partners HealthCare System affiliates have access to launch a search for keywords and view your résumé. Please contact a recruiter or your HR generalist directly concerning the internal transfer process.

Careers in Health Care

Why should I consider a career in the health care industry?

Jobs in health care are available in almost every city in the United States. Additionally, those who work in the health care field enjoy excellent benefits and competitive salaries. The health care industry is generally very supportive of continuing education and professional advancement.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Mass General offers job opportunities in areas you would expect from any busy, academic medical center. Direct patient care roles include nurses, medical assistants, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, radiologic technologists, ultrasound technologists, certified nursing assistants, surgical technologists and phlebotomists. Other, more behind-the-scenes roles include lab technicians, biostatisticians, pharmacists, medical coders and researchers.  Lastly, our hospital would not run without the work of those in support roles: environmental service aides, electricians, carpenters and plumbers, information desk employees, police and security officers and administrative assistants.

What type of education is required?

The educational requirements vary depending on the career you choose. Some careers require a bachelor’s degree, whereas others require an associate's degree. Still others require certification or completion of a series of classes that is aligned with a national standard. Most careers in health care offer career ladders, or opportunities for advancement. For certain positions, acquiring a master’s degree or a doctorate is recommended or required in order to advance.

Is a license required?

Most positions in health care that involve direct patient care require a license or certification. This license or certification is usually obtained after passing a state or national test. Some positions that are behind the scenes also require a license or certification. However, this is not true for all positions. To get the most up-to-date information about a specific position, search the job postings on the Mass General website and read the requirements that are listed.