Career Opportunities

"If you ask me what really stands out about working for Mass General, it’s 'opportunity' – almost infinite opportunity."

Karima Ricketts, Administrative Supervisor, Center for Integrated Diagnostics, Pathology Department

"When I graduated from Bentley University in 2010, the job market was tough. After some part-time and temporary positions that didn’t show much promise, I applied and was accepted by Bulfinch Temporary Service, the organization that fills temporary roles across all of the Partners hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital.

My first assignment was as a staff assistant to the head of gastrointestinal pathology at Mass General. It was an eight-week assignment, covering a medical leave, but they ended up needing me for three months. I was able to pick things up pretty quickly and cover some of the more complex tasks that the department thought they would have to divide amongst other staff members. When the temp assignment ended, the director of administrative operations in the Pathology Department recommended me for a full-time staff assistant position, working for the head of molecular pathology. I was thrilled to get the job.

When I started my new, full-time role, I served as the entry point for any requests coming in for molecular testing. This testing is really at the leading edge of personalized medicine. The division was expanding and volumes were steadily increasing. After learning the ins and outs of the administrative process, I was able to step back and pinpoint opportunities for a more streamlined and efficient operation. I implemented my ideas for improvement, and I really worked to hone my own skills to match what I recognized as a need. As the division continued to grow and my ideas proved to be successful, I was given the opportunity to build a team and subsequently promoted from staff assistant to administrative supervisor.

I am very driven to continue my success and growth, which has led me to pursue a health care-focused graduate degree. I’m now in the third semester of the new Health Care MBA program at Simmons College. Both Mass General and the Pathology Department have provided support by way of tuition reimbursement. In addition, I’ve just been awarded a scholarship by the Association of Multicultural Members of Partners (AMMP), which is an employee group committed to the advancement of multicultural professionals into leadership roles. I’m honored by the support and the confidence that AMMP, Mass General and my department have given me.

If you ask me what really stands out about working for Mass General, it’s 'opportunity' – almost infinite opportunity. It’s not just because the organization is big and diverse, but also because the innovation here constantly creates new opportunities and the hospital is really dedicated to advancing the skills of its staff to meet those challenges."