Career Opportunities

Let our employees share with you how they have advanced by reaching out for new challenges; how they have been supported by hospital benefits and programs; and how they have participated in the hospital's ongoing innovation in support of patient care.

Karima Ricketts
Karima Ricketts, Administrative Supervisor, Center for Integrated Diagnostics, Pathology Department

"When I graduated from Bentley University in 2010, the job market was tough. After some part-time and temporary positions that didn’t show much promise, I applied and was accepted by Bulfinch Temporary Service, the organization that fills temporary roles across all of the Partners hospitals including Mass General...."

Chelsey Casasanta
Chelsey Casasanta, Medical Assistant, Mass General's Internal Medicine Associates

"In November 2010, after completing my medical assisting program, I left my family and friends in New Hampshire and moved to Boston to begin my career as a Medical Assistant at Mass General’s Internal Medicine Associates (IMA). The move was a little scary for me because I didn’t know anyone in the area, but my IMA colleagues in Urgent Care quickly became my close friends."

Rolando Mercado
Rolando Mercado, Senior Community Resource Specialist

"When our MassGeneral Care Management Program expanded and added another part-time CRS, I was ready to take on the responsibility of training and supervising this new person. As a manager, I was then able to take courses in coaching and business management through Mass General’s Leadership Academy...."

Kathy O'Gara
Kathy O'Gara, Staff Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

"Our PICU has a very diverse patient population, from newborns up to 20-year old patients. It’s never the same day twice in terms of the cases we see and increasingly we are caring for patients with multisystem issues. The resources and support Mass General offers to help us keep up with that complexity are exceptional...."

Keenan Pight
Keenan Pight, Supervisor, Patient Tray Line, Nutrition & Food Services

"Mass General is a great place to learn about kitchen operations – Nutrition and Food Services at the hospital is a huge operation. On any given day the Patient Tray Line is preparing meals for 500-600 patients, making sure that patients who have special diets get everything on their tray they are supposed to have."

Kendra Lehman
Kendra Lehman, Chief Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Department Observation Units

"I started working at the Mass General Emergency Department as a Patient Care Associate (Nursing Assistant) while I was a Nursing student at Simmons College. On my first day, I was just overwhelmed. I had never been to Mass General and it seemed huge, with so many people, and it was extremely busy and fast-paced. Yet at the same time I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it. Twenty years later, as Chief Nurse Practitioner for Mass General’s ED Observation Units, I am doing what I dreamed of doing as a student – yet my journey as a Nurse at Mass General has also been more varied and rewarding than I could have imagined...."