Cutaneous Biology Research Center

The Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC) partners with researchers in Academia and Industry using cutting edge technologies to produce healthy skin and prevent or treat diseases related to aging, cancer, and inflammation.

 The Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC) is located in the scenic Charlestown Navy Shipyard, close to Boston and other collaborative research facilities.


charlestown harbor



The CBRC occuppies 43,000 square feet of space on the 3rd floor of Mass General's Lawrence E. Martin Research Laboratories located at 13th Street in Charlestown, MA, Building 149.






    Building 149


Of this space, 75% is devoted to research.  The remainder is assigned to corridors, other non-research areas, and offices for principal investigators.






    lobby 149


Led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, this rich environment with the CBRC promotes biological discovery and hypothesis testing, particulary as related to translational questions in dermatology and skin health.





    Dr. Fisher teaching


The CBRC has a number of state of the art Cores. This includes the Histology Core, Chemical Biology Program,  Microscopy Core, and Transgenic Mouse Core.






    Lab bottles


In addition to these Cores, there are a number of common research areas such   as tissue culture rooms, cold rooms, radiation rooms, and several centrifuge rooms.






    Man behind bottles


There are 136 laboratory benches in an open research area configuration.  This was adopted to maximize communication and collaboration.






    Dr. Fisher in Lab


CBRC principal investigators are world leaders in the numerous disciplines relating to skin and employ or invent technologies which consistently advance basic understanding of skin biology.






    Tech holding lab beaker



To faciliate collaboration with clinicians and fellow researchers, shuttle services run frequently to Mass General Hospital and other research facilities.

    Image of Boston from Charlestown