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Redefining the concept of protease-activated receptors: cathepsin S evokes itch via activation of Mrgprs

Vemuri B. Reddy, Shuohao Sun, Ehsan Azimi, Sarina B. Elmariah, Xinzhong Dong & Ethan A. Lerner Nature Communications 6, Article number: 7864 Published online July 28, 2015 Nature Communications 6, Article number: 7864 doi:10.1038/ncomms8864

Skin β Endorphin Mediates Addiction to UV Light

Gillian L. Fell, Kathleen C. Robinson, Jianren Mao,Clifford J. Woolf, David E. Fisher. Cell,, Volume 157 , Issue 7 , 1527 - 1534

An ultraviolet-radiation-independent pathway to melanoma carcinogenesis in the red hair/fair skin background

Devarati Mitra, Xi Luo, Ann Morgan, Jin Wang, Mai P. Hoang, Jennifer Lo, Candace R. Guerrero, Jochen K. Lennerz, Martin C. Mihm, Jennifer A. Wargo, Kathleen C. Robinson, Suprabha P. Devi, Jillian C. Vanover, John A. D’Orazio, Martin McMahon, Marcus W. Bosenberg, Kevin M. Haigis. Nature. Published online Oct.31, 2012 doi:10.1038/nature11624

Selective killing of cancer cells with a small molecule targeting stress response to ROS.

Lakshmi Raj,1 Takao Ide,1 Aditi U. Gurkar,1 Michael Foley,Monica Schenone,Xiaoyu Li, Nicola J. Tolliday, Todd R. Golub, Steven A. Carr, Alykhan F. Shamji, Andrew M. Stern,Anna Mandinova,Stuart L. Schreiber & Sam W. Lee Nature. Published online July 13, 2011 DOI: 10.1038/nature10167

Control of hair follicle cell fate by underlying mesenchyme through a CSL-Wnt5a-FoxN1 regulatory axis.

Hu, B., Lefort, K., Qiu, W., Nguyen, B.C., Rajaram, R.D., Castillo, E., He, F., Chen, Y., Angel, P., Brisken,C., and Dotto, G.P. Genes & Dev. (2010)

Lineage-specific transcriptional regulation of DICER by MITF in melanocytes.

Levy C , Khaled M, Robinson KC, Veguilla RA, Chen PH, Yokoyama S, Makino E, Lu J, Larue L, Beermann F, Chin L, Bosenberg M, Song JS, Fisher DE.

Control of melanocyte differentiation by a MITF-PDE4d3 homeostatic circuit.

Kahled,M., Levy, C, Fisher, DE Genes and Dev. 2010 Oct 15;24(20):2276

Alternative promoter usage at the Notch1 locus supports ligand-independent signaling in T-cell development and leukemogenesis.

Gómez-del Arco P, Kashiwagi M, Jackson AJ, Naito T, Zhang, J, Liu F, Kee B, Radtke F, Redondo JM and Georgopoulos K.

aximizing early detection of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma via SILAC-proteomics.

Lee KK , Todorova K , Mandinova A . Cancer Biol Ther. 2010 Oct 15;10(8):796-810

Beta-catenin activity in the dermal papilla of the hair follicle regulates pigment-type switching.

Enshell-Seijffers D, Lindon C, Wu E, Taketo MM, Morgan BA .Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Nov 22.

Role of selenium-containing proteins in T-cell and macrophage function

Carlson, B.A., Yoo, M.H., Shrimali, R.K., Irons, R., Gladyshev, V.N., Hatfield, D.L. and Park, J.M.: Proc. Nutr. Soc. 2010; 69: 300-310

Mitochondrial fusion is regulated by Reaper to modulate Drosophila programmed cell death.

Thomenius M, Freel CD, Horn S, Krieser R, Abdelwahid E, Cannon R, Balasundaram S, White K, Kornbluth S,

Mitochondrial fusion is regulated by Reaper to modulate Drosophila programmed cell death.

CDD, 2011, in press Coordinated expression of cell death genes regulates neuroblast apoptosis. Tan Y*,Yamada-Mabuchi M*, Arya R, St. Pierre S, Tang W, Tosa M, Brachmann C and White K, Coordinated expression of cell death genes regulates neuroblast apoptosis, Development, 2011, 138: 2197-2206. *equal contributors