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Name of Treatment Program: ARCH (Access to Resources for Community Health

Short description: Established in 2000, ARCH - Access to Resources for Community Health - strives to improve access, especially electronic access, to high-quality patient education information and resources in the communities served by the MGH HealthCare Centers.


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Call To Action 1: For more information, please call 781-485-6400 or email

Call To Action 2: Dowload our booklet with descriptions of our work|/cchi/assets/CCHI Brochure8x11625.pdf

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Our approach:

By operating a user-friendly, community-based health information center, ARCH assists individuals and families in actively participating in their health care. ARCH also supports the work of MGH HealthCare Centers and other community-based organizations by providing high-quality health education services for their patients and clients.

ARCH is supported by grants from the National Library of Medicine New England Region and works in collaboration with MGH Treadwell Library to provide the following services:

  • The ARCH. Resources Room inside CHA
  • The ARCH website at
  • Hands-on training on how to use
  • Processing requests for health education materials
  • Information outreach to vulnerable populations
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    Phone number: 781-485-6400


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