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Name of Treatment Program: Child Protection Program

Short description: The Child Protection Consultation Team provides consultation and training to Massachusetts General Hospital clinical staff for suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, to identify and intervene appropriately and to minimize the long-term effects of abuse and neglect.


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The Child Protection Consultation Team aims to provide the highest standard of care to children who may have experienced or are suspected of experiencing abuse or neglect, as well as to their families. The Team helps to equip all clinicians who care for children with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to provide the full range of appropriate support and service to children and their families, including screening, identification, assessment, intervention, referral, and follow-up on suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. The Team provides interdisciplinary training to staff and community providers on the medical and psychosocial aspects of child maltreatment, in a variety of educational forums throughout MGH and the community, so that providers can more effectively address the needs of such children in their overall treatment.

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Phone number: 617-724-0285


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Contact: Child Protection Team - 1613