ARCH Resources Room
ARCH Resources Room

By operating a user-friendly, community-based health information center, ARCH assists individuals and families in actively participating in their health care. ARCH also supports the work of MGH HealthCare Centers and other community-based organizations by providing high-quality health education services for their patients and clients.

ARCH is supported by grants from the National Library of Medicine New England Region and works in collaboration with MGH Treadwell Library to provide the following services:

  • The ARCH Resources Room inside CHA
  • The ARCH website at
  • Hands-on training on how to use 
  • A self-directed tour to learn major features of the ARCH website
  • Requests from MGH clinicians and patients for health education materials
  • Requests from MGH clinicians and ARCH community partners for teaching materials including curricula
    With funding support from the National Library of Medicine New England Region, ARCH has implemented multiple community outreach projects in partnership with community-based organizations since 2002.  These projects focused on promoting onsite access to and utilization of the ARCH website through upgrading computer equipment for the partnering agencies and providing hands-on ARCH training for their staff and clients.

Public Health Nurses Project, 2002
Jack Satter House Project, 2004
Chelsea Square Apartment Project, 2005
CAPIC Head Start Project, 2007
Revere Elder Affairs Project, 2010
Chelsea Senior Center Project, 2012
JFK Family Service Center Project, 2014

2014 Outcomes

Completed the 8th award from the National Library of Medicine/New England Region (NLM/NER) for ARCH Outreach Project at John F. Kennedy Family Service Center in Charlestown.  The funding brought these resources and services to JFK:

  • New computer equipment including 9 PCs and 3 iPads to support health education activities among the Kennedy Center staff and clients
  • Hands-on and online ARCH training sessions that introduced to more than 60 staff members and clients

Between Dec 2, 2013 and Dec 1, 2014, the ARCH website generated: 

  • 32,197 visits (Visit:  Individual visitors are counted as visits each time they come to the web site.  Each visit is counted only once no matter how many pages a visitor looks at in one visit.)
  • 446,140 hits (Hit:  A single encounter or request of a web page.)
  • Processed approximately 150 requests for specific health education materials. The most popular request was “Thumbs Up for Healthy Food Choices”, the low-literacy nutrition booklet developed by Dr. Susan Oliverio and distributed by Neighborhood Health Plan.
  • In FY 13, as part of the Partners in Community Health Program, we purchased 50 iPads for distribution to the MGH Health Center practices. These iPads were used to increase enrollment into Partners Patient Gateway to meet Meaningful Use standards and to increase access to patient education materials.  Staff in each practice were educated on how to use the iPad to assist patients with the enrollment process. A booklet was also created which provides step-by-step instructions in plain language for patients to become active users.  The iPads have made it convenient for the patient to re-set the temporary password with his/her own secure password while they are still onsite.  The health center practices have increased enrollment into Partners Patient Gateway by 27%. There was also a 37% increase in the enrolled patients in an active status. 

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