Refugee School Program

The Refugee School Program provides a continuum of care across multiple settings to ensure the well being of refugees and aslyees in Chelsea.

The Refugee School Program supports refugee students who are transitioning into school.


In 2013:

  • 122 students in Chelsea Public Schools were served, and their countries of origin were Somalia (69%), Bhutan (13%) and Iraq (8%).
  • The Refugee School coordinator had 504 student contacts, with 74% of these contacts involved the students' parents. All contacts include a teacher, principal, dean, school social worker or guidance counselor. These contacts occurred due to inappropriate behavior, help obtaining appropriate forms for school enrollment, academic frustration, and alienation, among others issues.
  • The Refugee School Coordinator also conducts a weekly Refugee Boy’s Group to discuss issues specifically related to middle school male students.

Ali Abdullahi, MGH Refugee School Program

Phone: 617 724-5700 #14521