Refugee School Program

The Refugee School Program supports recently-arrived refugees and immigrants and their families in integrating into public education. The program strives to serve as a key cultural advisor to all Chelsea Public schools, to collaborate with medical and health providers, to empower refugee parents to be academic advocates for their children and to motivate students to successfully complete high school and attend post-secondary schools.


The Refugee School Program supports refugee students who are transitioning into school.

About this Program

2014 Outcomes

  • The program served 121 students in Chelsea Public Schools. The countries of origin include: Somalia (65%), Bhutan (16%), Iraq (7%) and Congo (3%).
  • The Refugee School coordinator had 497 contacts with refugee students, and 78% of these contacts also involved the parents of the students.
  • The top concerns addressed were academic performance (15%), inappropriate behavior (14%), preparing for higher education (13%), physical health (6%), cultural/religious brokering (6%), tardiness (5%), violence (5%) and mental health (4%).


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Chantal J.F. Kayitesi, RN, MPH

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