Prenatal Outreach Program

The Prenatal Outreach Program provides support, health education, and other services to the diverse Chelsea patient population during pregnancy and up to the first six weeks postpartum to ensure a healthy pregnancy and engagement in primary care for both mother and child.

Many women receiving prenatal care at MGH Chelsea are immigrants and refugees, struggling to meet basic needs. The stressors related to these challenges – such as poverty, isolation, and immigration status - are further exacerbated by pregnancy, which is also a time of greater risk for domestic violence. The bicultural, bilingual (Spanish, English) Prenatal Outreach program coordinator connects patients to hospital and community resources and assists them with planning for their child, as well as their own health care. The primary goals of the program are to promote optimal pregnancy and to re-engage the mother into primary care following the delivery (or initially engage care in the case of the infant). A collaborative relationship with the Vincent Newborn Program brings essential baby clothes and supplies to mothers who are unable to afford them.


In 2013:

  • Of the 296 patients served, 42% were referred to Vincent’s Newborn Program that provides essential baby clothes and supplies to mothers who are unable to afford them); 5% to Primary Care; 9% to Mental Health; 13% to Visiting Mom’s Program; 10% to Food for Families Program; and 2% to the LINC (Legal Initiative for Children) Program.
  • 79 patients received assistance with 28-week packet. All 296 patients were screened for depression.
  • 94 patients received education on pre/postnatal topics like breast feeding, post-partum depression, safety, contraceptives, and more on one or more occasions.



Luz Betancourt

Phone: 617 887-3789