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MGH Youth Programs

MGH Youth Programs aim to educate young people in Boston, Chelsea and Revere about health and science subjects, expose them to related careers and equip them with the knowledge and skills to excel in life and career.


CCHI's Youth Programs aim to educate local elementary, high school and college students from Boston, Chelsea and Rever about health and science subjects, expose them to STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and math) careers and support them with the knowledge and the skills to excel.

About this Program

CCHI Youth Programs provides more than 1,000 youth each year with academic, life, and career skills that expand and enhance their educational and career options. MGH takes a “longitudinal approach” that recognizes the value of fostering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills and interests in young people across a broad age spectrum, from 3rd grade to college. Students from schools and youth-serving programs across the Boston area participate in a variety of age-appropriate programs.

Elementary and Middle School STEM Clubs

  • In grades 3 to 5, STEM Clubs aim to develop excitement and engagement in STEM subjects, build confidence in students’ abilities to succeed in these subjects, and increase exposure to STEM careers.
  • Senior STEM Clubs for Grades 6-8, hosted at three Boys & Girls Clubs, continue the engagement with hand-on science and greater exposure to technology.
  • In the Science Fair Mentoring Programs for Grade 7&8 throughout Boston, MGH mentors work with James P. Timilty Middle School students in Roxbury on science fair projects from concept to completion. 

MGH Youth Scholars

STEM programming for secondary school students is more intensive and comprehensive. With our partners, East Boston High School, Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, Revere High School, Chelsea High School, and the Charlestown community, the weekly curriculum on the MGH campus provides foundational learning for grades 9 through high school and beyond. The goal is to spark college aspirations and to understand the connection between a health or science career, and what it takes to get there. Summer enrichment in STEM curriculum takes place for students in STEM Camp in partnership with Wheelock College.

2013-2014 Academic Year Outcomes

  • 659 youth served across all programs and events, and 438 MGH Volunteers provided approximately 15,000 volunteer service hours.
  • Developed 11 new partnerships and/or programs to enhance the Youth Programs work with students and families.  Opportunities included, but not limited to: a leadership workshop for high school males, a one-week intensive STEM CAMP for 9th graders through collaboration with Wheelock College, and the formation of a high school parent council.  These types of enrichment opportunities provide students and families in the MGH Youth Programs with opportunities to expand their experiences beyond academics, and build a greater sense of community for all participants. 
  • Pre- and Post- surveys indicate students: felt positively challenged and engaged with the MGH Youth Programs; felt an increased sense of competency for learning; and felt supported within the Youth Programs.
  • Pre and Post surveys indicate students: were taking steps toward planning for their futures and are communicating with supportive adults about their goals; and enjoy their internships and shadowships at MGH and making professionalconnections.
  • 11 Science Fair students, mentored by Mass General employee volunteers, competed at the City-Wide Science Fair.

Community Opportunities

Job Shadow Day: This annual event provides students with an experiential glimpse into various careers at MGH. Job Shadow Day helps students gain awareness of the skills needed for certain jobs, identify career interests, understand the relevance of school to work and careers, and apply and develop the skill of interacting with professionals. In 2015, MGH hosted 104 Boston public school students.

Summer Jobs for Youth


  • MGH Summer Jobs celebrates another successful season - 8/15/2014, Mass General

    Students from the MGH Summer Jobs program said so long to summer and to six-weeks of summer jobs culminating with a celebration in the O’Keeffe Auditorium on Aug. 13.

  • STEM camp inspires growth - 8/15/2014, Mass General

    Seventeen young aspiring scientists and health care professionals recently participated in the MGH Youth Scholars five-day Science Technology Engineering and Math Camp.

  • Abdi Ali worked this summer as an intern in the Mass General Hospital OR. Read his story. - 11/3/2011, Mass General

    Meet Abdi Ali, an alumnus of East Boston High School and a student at Denison University. Ali participated in the MGH Youth Scholar Alumni Summer Program. Students applied to this new program that provided alumni/graduates of the MGH High School Program with employment and networking opportunities as part of their continued learning and professional development. Ali is pursuing an undergraduate degree in History and Psychology double major with Pre-medicine concentration.

  • Doctors, students become 'pen pals' with MGH mentoring program - 11/3/2010, Mass General

    The one-on-one mentoring program matched 25 10th-graders from Edward M. Kennedy Academy, East Boston High School, English High, and Fenway High with researchers and physicians from MGH.

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