HAVEN (Hospitals Helping Abuse & Violence End Now)

For MGH patients, employees, and community members who have experienced intimate partner abuse, HAVEN offers direct services to help improve survivors’ health and safety, as well as their housing, employment, and financial circumstances.

Recognizing the association between intimate relationships and health, the health care setting is an ideal place to provide services to survivors of intimate partner abuse (IPA). Through a culturally diverse and linguistically appropriate array of supportive services, HAVEN provides supportive counseling, advocacy, support groups, workshops and accompaniment to survivors of intimate partner abuse.

HAVEN helps connect survivors to needed services, provide information and referrals relating to the legal aspects of domestic violence and accompanies survivors to health care, legal or other appointments. Strong community partnerships with legal, elder, child, and other health care services are integral to HAVEN’s work.

HAVEN advocates are available at MGH Boston, as well as the health care centers in Revere and Chelsea. HAVEN also provides training, consultation, and policy advice to providers at MGH. The program also conducts research on various issues facing program clients, as well as program evaluations to identify areas for improvement.

For more information, visit the HAVEN at MGH website.


In 2013:

  • 700 survivors were served; 448 new referrals were made to HAVEN 50% were Brief Interventions; of these, 44% were for safety planning, 13% were for legal services, 12% were for housing/emergency shelter.
  • HAVEN advocates had 5,848 contacts with clients.  22% of these contacts were in Spanish; 27% of these contacts included emotional support; 13% were for legal purposes; 8% were for children’s issues.
  • Through a partnership between MGH and Casa Myrna Vazquez , advocates consulted with a lawyer specializing in intimate partner violence 213 times on behalf of 69 clients.The Casa Myrna Vazquez lawyer actively worked with 82 HAVEN clients in 319 contacts; Legal Topics included: 21% Family Law, 20% Children’s Issues, 21% Safety Planning, 12% Restraining Orders.
  • HAVEN provided 57 trainings and outreach activities to a total of 1074 MGH staff; 14 trainings were given on HAVEN services; 14 trainings were given on intimate partner violence; 12 trainings were given on Teen Dating Violence.

The HAVEN program at Mass General Hospital held activities at Revere High School to shine a light on Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week.

Responding to sexual exploitation

STAFF AT THE MGH play a crucial role in the lives of their patients.

Stories of strength, hope and healing

It was a morning of honest, powerful speeches at the Sept. 5 anniversary breakfast for HAVEN (Hospital’s Helping Abuse and Violence End Now). The group has provided counseling, advocacy, support groups and workshops to domestic abuse survivors at the MGH for 15 years.

The HAVEN program at Mass General Hospital held activities at Revere High School to shine a light on Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week.

Contact HAVEN

Phone: Boston: 617-724-0054

HAVEN Advocates are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm. After hours and on weekends, call 1-877-785-2020, Massachusetts Statewide Hotline, Safelink.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or with any questions.
Boston: 617-724-0054
Chelsea: 617-887-3513
Revere: 781-485-6108