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Revere on the Move (formerly the Food & Fitness Task Force) was formed in 2008 by Revere CARES with the goals of promoting healthy eating and active living in the community of Revere through policy and environmental changes targeting youth and their families.


The obesity epidemic is a national problem. In Revere, 33% of adults are overweight or obese, compared to 22% statewide. The 2010 Revere Youth Risk Behavior Survey reported that only 16% of students reported eating a vegetable at least once a day in the past week, down from 25 percent in 1999. Forty percent of high school students attended physical education class at least once a week, down from 84% in 1999. Revere CARES, originally founded in 1997 to address substance abuse issues in the community, has identified food and fitness as a priority, and formed the Food & Fitness Task Force. Renamed Revere on the Move, the task force is comprised of the mayor, police chief, educators, and other community representatives.

Revere on the Move has identified two primary strategies to achieve the goal of reducing childhood obesity and hunger: 1) increase access to healthy foods, and 2) increase opportunities for physical activity.

Proposed activities build on the community assets of Revere, such as the long beachfront as a center of activity, and strong partnerships with a variety of community groups, the schools, and MGH.

About this Program

Revere on the Move uses an environmental approach to impact several realms that influence nutrition and physical activity, such as schools and the larger community. 

A social marketing campaign called Revere on the Move was developed and launched on October 15, 2011. Formative research informed the development of a logo and a message. During the summer, a soft launch was implemented. A trained youth group attended community events and organized play activities for the children. Give-away items were distributed to parents and youth. Cable television videotaped the activities, and a news release informed the community of the campaign.

2014 Outcomes

  • As part of the Healthy Environment, 13 restaurants signed up for the Healthy Dining Initiative and plan to follow standardized criteria from the Mass Department of Public Health to offer healthy options to the public. Three more corner stores have been recruited as part of a Healthy Market initiative, bringing the total to 7. These corner stores will implement standardized criteria to improve access and availability of healthy foods.
  • Two urban trails have been created, with two more being planned and requested by interested neighborhood groups in the City. The Department of Public Works has adopted these trails and considers them priority during the development of their annual capital improvement plan, an important systems change. Schools have adopted the trails as safe routes to school and developed Walk-to-School programs. Residents are seen walking the trails for exercise and pleasure.
  • The City of Revere was awarded a grant from the Common Backyard Program for Gateway Cities. ROTM collaborated with a match for this grant. The grant allowed the reconstruction of two parks in Revere: Disalvo and Luis Pasteur. Through the Adopt-a-Park initiative and the neighborhood organizing initiative, ROTM lead a neighborhood build for each of the parks. Both received high praises from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental affairs, which applauded the cost and time efficiency of the neighborhood builds and the development of stewardship from the neighborhoods. This year’s round of Common Backyard Program for Gateway Cities funding has been changed based on how ROTM/the City implemented the first round.
  • The City of Revere determined that to continue implementing the MAPC bike trail plan, it would be best if the City had a Bicycle Committee to research new trails, advise and make recommendations to the Mayor, City Council and to the Department Community Development. ROTM, is responsible for forming the Bicycle Committee in 2015.
  • All 6 elementary schools have a weekly Walk-to-School program.
  • Revere on the Move is the co-chair of the wellness committee; Revere Public Schools formally partnered with the Alliance for a Healthy Generation which has structured the creation of wellness teams in each school and the assessment and identification of healthy living in the schools. Currently, in process of finalizing assessments in each school to later determine strategies for implementation. ROTM collaborated with the Food Service and Garfield Middle School Power of Know Club and launched a successful Breakfast Campaign
  • Third Annual City-wide Fitness Challenge occurred on May 12- June 6. Activities took place at Beachmont School. Challenge ended in a 5k and health fair event on June 7 which were both successful. About 200 runners participated. Event was promoted through all media, including patient gate-way, and flyers were made available to MGH Revere physicians. This event was planned and run by a community committee.
  • Neighborhood Organizer successfully working with two strong neighborhood organizations, one newly created, the other one already established. The West Revere Neighborhood group, newly created has been awarded a second mini grant to paint murals in the overpasses over the Urban trail. They are also engaged in the community build of DiSalvo park. The Beachmont Improvement Committee, an established group has successfully worked with ROTM marking the Beachmont Urban trail (mini grant of 2013) and are now engaged in the community build of Luis Pasteur park.  Ward 4 Neighborhood group, newly created is in the process and continues meeting and planning for some ROTM strategy. The Shirley Ave. Neighborhood group, already established have written into their work plan, ROTM participation in 4 of their strategies. The creation of the Library Neighborhood group was not successful
  • A fourth round of mini grants was held during the Fall of 2013 through Winter 2014. Six new mini grants were awarded in January 2014: PSE: Seacoast High School Garden, West Revere Mural Design, Bike to the Sea- Northern Strand Trail; and Programs: Lincoln Walking Club, Farmers Market Beach Bucks, WEE Nutrition Program.


  • Sylvia Chiang Takes the Helm of Revere CARES - 7/27/2015, Mass General

    Bringing more than 20 years of experience to the role, Sylvia Chiang, MD, MPH, a longtime advocate of clinical and community health, will become the new Revere CARES Coalition Director.


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