Avon Breast Care Program

The Avon Breast Care Program works to ensure that women who have had abnormal mammogram findings receive appropriate and timely diagnostic follow-up and care to improve their health outcomes. Individualized services particularly address the needs of the Latina population of Chelsea.

The goal of the Avon Breast Care Program is to increase the rate of follow-up at the MGH Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center among patients who have abnormal findings from a mammogram or clinical exam.  The no-wait, “one-stop” approach provides patients with diagnostic mammograms and directly connects them to oncologist and surgeon appointments if necessary. Through the Avon Breast Care Program Patient Navigator, the program strives to assess and address additional barriers to accessing and receiving timely, quality health care and strives to provide support and assistance to patients undergoing diagnostic work-up.

Since its inception in May 2001, the Avon Program Breast Care Program at MGH Chelsea has served 9,452 patients, including 218 patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.



In FY 2013,

  • The Avon Breast Health Navigators provided 502 language translations, 66 financial assistance referrals, 49 transportation assistance, 19 material support referrals, and 17 support group/counseling referrals.
  • 92% of patients referred for follow-up on an abnormal finding arrived to a first appointment in 60 days or fewer.
  • 18 outreach events reached 1321 participants.
  • 1921 patients received assistance with screening.


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