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Chelsea Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Initiative

The Chelsea Substance Use Disorders Initiative strengthens protective factors and decreases risk factors to prevent substance use and abuse for youth, adults and families through education, prevention and intervention strategies. The coalition also works to increase access to and resources for successful treatment and recovery from substance use disorders.


The City of Chelsea, in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, has worked closely with a strong oversight committee to build a comprehensive community-based, environmental approach to reducing substance abuse and perception of safety. In Spring 2013,  a new Manager of Community-Based Substance Use Disorders Initiative was hired. He is responsible for providing overall leadership to the development and implementation of a comprehensive city-wide substance abuse plan where organizations, providers and residents have a role.

About this Program

2014 Outcomes

  • The Manager of Community-based Substance Abuse Initiatives has successfully engaged formal and informal community leaders through the formation of the Community Leadership Team, which met 12 times with an average attendance of 25 community members.  Currently 42 active members represent 11 community sectors including City leadership, local health providers, first responders, law enforcement, schools, youth-serving organizations, social service organizations and recovery community.
  •  The CLT identified new community needs, additional potential CLT members and capacity needs, and approved the annual work plan based on the 2012 MAPP community assessment.
  • $125,000 was procured for two community navigators at a local mental health provider.  A Request for Proposal was developed and distributed throughout the community.
  • In November, 80 community residents and members of the CLT, public safety officials attended a Community Meeting on Drugs in Chelsea.
  • 45 members of the MGH Chelsea Community Health Improvement Team have attended SUD training sessions as part of a Health Center awareness campaig
  • 23 social workers and other personnel from Chelsea Public Schools received early signs training. Through a collaborative effort with key youth-serving organizations, 40 Chelsea youth participated in the launch of the "Above the Influence Campaign". Youth created and displayed posters depicting how they are “above the influence” of alcohol and drugs, in public venues throughout Chelsea and aired on Chelsea Community Cable Television.
  • CLT leadership participated on an advisory council for Chelsea Collaborative’s Summer Employment Youth Initiative, and delivered presentations on substance use disorder-related topics to 200 youth. They participated in Chelsea Works, an initiative aimed at increasing economic and community development in an impoverished portion of the Chelsea community and worked with the Healthy Chelsea Coalition and The Neighborhood Developers to develop a strategy to creating healthy, safe and vibrant public spaces. This work led to the creation of an “adopt-a-park” program in Chelsea.


  • Mass General’s Response to the Opioid Epidemic - 6/16/2015, Mass General

    Mass General Hospital is on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. The MGH Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) program goal is to have substance use disorders addressed along all levels of health impact; from primary community-based prevention to early intervention and treatment to chronic disease management.

  • Chelsea Community Health Assessment Online Survey now available - 2/13/2015, Mass General

    Chelsea residents will have their say about the community’s overall health by completing a Quality of Life survey beginning today. The survey can be taken online or in paper form.


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