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11/06/2013: Postoperative pain may increase risk of temporary problems with learning, memory

The pain caused by a surgical incision may contribute to the risk of postoperative cognitive dysfunction, a sometimes transient impairment in learning and memory that affects a small but significant number of patients in the days following a surgical procedure.

10/31/2013: Automated system promises precise control of medically induced coma

Putting patients with severe head injuries in induced comas requires constant monitoring of brain activity and manual adjustment of drug dosage. Now a computer-controlled system promises to automate the process, making it more precise and efficient and opening the door to more advanced control of anesthesia.

08/02/2013: James Rathmell named first Beecher professor

James P. Rathmell, MD, executive vice chair and chief of the Division of Pain Medicine in the MGH Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, has been named as the inaugural incumbent of the Henry Knowles Beecher Professorship of Anesthesia.

03/05/2013: EEG patterns indicate when patients lose, regain consciousness under propofol anesthesia

MGH investigators have identified specific EEG signatures that indicate when patients lose and regain consciousness under the general anesthetic drug propofol. The findings should lead to better ways of monitoring awareness and tracking other aspects of the brain states of patients under anesthesia.

01/24/2013: Neuroinflammation may be behind general-anesthesia-associated learning disabilities

Two studies in mice suggest that several factors may combine to induce impairments in learning and memory, accompanied by the inflammation of brain tissue, in young mammals receiving general anesthesia and that the offspring of animals that received general anesthesia during pregnancy may show the same effects.

11/05/2012: MGH/MIT study discovers how brain activity changes when anesthesia induces unconsciousness

Investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have identified for the first time a pattern of brain activity that appears to signal exactly when patients lose consciousness under general anesthesia.

10/16/2012: Back pain relief from an unlikely place

Christopher Gilligan, MD, medical director of the Center for Pain Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses the benefits of spine cord stimulation.

09/28/2012: Major NIH grants support innovative research projects

Two MGH-led research teams and one MGH investigator have received major grants from the National Institutes of Health.

05/11/2012: In General 05.11.12

In General awards and honors

03/01/2012: Study reveals how anesthetic isoflurane induces Alzheimer's-like changes in mammalian brains

The association of the inhaled anesthetic isoflurane with Alzheimer's-disease-like changes in mammalian brains may by caused by the drug's effects on mitochondria, the structures in which most cellular energy is produced.

02/10/2012: EEG pattern reflects brain's shift into low-energy, protective mode

A distinctive pattern of brain activity associated with conditions including deep anesthesia, coma and congenital brain disorders appears to represent the brain's shift into a protective, low-activity state in response to reduced metabolic energy.

11/20/2009: MGH Center for Pain Medicine renovates and expands

MGH Hotline 11.20.09 As one of the largest and most advanced pain centers in the Northeast, the MGH Center for Pain Medicine offers multidisciplinary care for individuals with acute, chronic and cancer-related pain as well as coordinated consultative services for hospitalized and ambulatory patients.

10/23/2009: Brown named to Zapol professorship

MGH Hotline 10.23.09 The Warren M. Zapol Professorship in Anaesthesia, a new endowed chair at Harvard Medical School (HMS), has been established to honor the clinical and research accomplishments of Warren M. Zapol, MD, who served as anesthetist-in-chief in the MGH Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine from 1994 to 2008 and who is now the department's anesthetist-in-chief emeritus.

07/24/2009: Featured Doctor: Padma Gulur

The Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine spotlights Padma Gulur, MBBS.

05/20/2009: Featured Doctor: Zhongcong Xie

The Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine spotlights Zhongcong Xie, MD.

03/13/2009: Acute Pain Service established for 24-hour pain management

The MGH Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care on Jan. 5 launched the Acute Pain Service under the guidance of department chief Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, MD.

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