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Name of Treatment Program: Pediatric/Adolescent Weight Program

Short description: The Weight Management programs at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Weight Center provide comprehensive evaluation and care for children and teens who are overweight or obese. The pediatric program is affiliated with the adult programs at the MGH Weight Center, to allow for family-based care and continuity of care into adult life.

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Paul Boepple, MD, takes a patient's blood pressure

Paul Boepple, MD, takes a patient's blood pressure

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Our Medical Nutrition Program is specially designed to help pre-teens and teens reach a healthier body weight.  This seven-month program includes:

Evaluation visit – Individual meetings with a doctor, dietitian (nutritionist) and psychologist, all specializing in weight management.

Program visits – Months 1 through 6 (seven visits)

Reassessment – At month 7, have an in-depth meeting with your team doctor and dietitian; review progress, and discuss options for further weight management (either weight maintenance or weight loss).


Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery

Our Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery program is specially designed for teens with serious weight problems and their families. The programs goals are:

Learn more about our Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery program.

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