Family-Centered Care

We respect that the family is the center of the child’s life and what affects one member of a family unit has an effect on the entire family.

We welcome families to participate in every aspect of the child’s care and encourage them to communicate their needs and those of their child. Family-centered care is built upon the core concepts of dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration between patients and families, and healthcare providers.

Zachary Ostrowski Zachary's StoryBy the time they arrived in the office of pediatric surgeon Allan Goldstein, MD, at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, the Ostrowski family had seen their toddler through numerous surgeries, misdiagnoses and a fever that almost cost him his life. “We walked in, he took the x-ray right from our hands in the middle of the office and he said, you don’t have to take him any further,” Kristy Ostrowski recalls of the first meeting with Dr. Goldstein of MGHfC’s Neurogastroenterology Program. Read the story.

Family Advisory Council

Our Family Advisory Council is dedicated to the continuous development of a positive partnership among parents, children and staff to ensure the needs of children and families are met during their experience at MassGeneral Hospital for Children.
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