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Peter P. Moschovis, MD, MPH, a research fellow in pulmonary critical care at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, won the 2012 Clinical Effectiveness Award from the Research Council.

Reaction from a winner of the Clinical Effectiveness Award 2012


Peter P. Moschovis, MD, MPH

Peter P. Moschovis, MD, MPH

"I'd like to thank the MGHfC Research Council for providing a scholarship to attend the HSPH Summer Program for Clinical Effectiveness. The courses I took were diverse but uniformly helpful to my research, ranging from a review of basic epidemiologic techniques to advanced data mining and decision analysis. Beyond learning abstract concepts, the program offered an opportunity to jump-start my fellowship research. As part of the core epidemiology course, I wrote a research protocol for a study of children with viral lower respiratory infections that I plan to start in the next few weeks in the inpatient wards at MGH. The teaching and expert advice I obtained through one of my electives, Analysis of Large Databases, helped me manipulate a large dataset from the World Health Organization that I had been struggling with on my own for months. Without the support from the MGHfC Research Council, I never would have enrolled in this program, and I believe that this will reap significant benefits in my career in the future."

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