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The Child Life Team at MassGeneral Hospital for Children shares some tips for fun indoor activities to help parents have fun with their kids while avoiding the harsh winter weather.

Creating an Indoor Winter Wonderland




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  • A movie afternoon: Lights off, a warm blanket, snow falling outside, hot chocolate, and popcorn!  No need to go anywhere in the snow when you can experience the movies from the comfort of your living room!  Have any left-over marshmallows from the hot chocolate?  Place bowls around the room and play a game of marshmallow toss!
  • Touch base with your inner artist: Craft your own winter wonderlands using shoe boxes, tissue paper, and cotton balls to glue a snowy scene together you can keep long after the snow outside melts!  Or make it snow inside by making paper snowflakes to decorate the windows with them.
  • Use your imagination as you create your very own Igloo "fort": Using pillows and blankets, make a cozy spot to read a favorite book, play with your toys or take a little nap on a cold snowy afternoon.
  • Indoor picnic: Help the spring arrive early with an indoor picnic.  Lay out your favorite blanket and make some fun winter themed snacks like “ants on a sled”!
    (Raisins in peanut butter on celery or a banana).  Or enjoy your snack in your Igloo fort!
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party: Warm up with your cozy stuffed animals to enjoy
     some hot tea and soup! 
  • Warm the house with some baking:  Time to pull out the ingredients for some cookies!  Roll out the dough and make your own winter shapes like snowmen, snowflakes, and mittens! 
  • Hunker down with some games: Pull out the board games and puzzles and settle in for an epic tournament!  Or if you want to get your body moving, make up your own words and themes for a fun game of charades and put your best acting face on!
  • Winter Lego Land: Create your own indoor world with blocks or Legos and streets that won’t need a plow!
  • Scavenger hunt: Turn off the lights and grab those flashlights to locate your children or hidden items during an indoor scavenger hunt!
  • Bring the snow inside: Fill a bowl with some snow from outside and bring to the bathtub where you can see the snow
    melt into the warm water!  Or use the snow to make mini cookie sheet snowmen.  Decorate with raisins, buttons, and toothpicks!  




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