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To schedule an appointment with a MassGeneral Hospital for Children specialist, call our Access and New Appointment Center.

  • Patients: 888-644-3248
  • Physicians: 888-644-3211

Newton, MA Now you can see MassGeneral for Children pediatric specialists at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and more than 12 other convenient locations in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.MassGeneral for Children Specialists at Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Adolescent MedicineKaren Sadler, MD
Jennifer Rosenblum, MD
Allergy & ImmunologyJoshua A. Boyce, MD
Shuba Iyengar, MD, MPH
Elizabeth C. Tepas, MD
AsthmaJoshua A. Boyce, MD
Cardiology Puneeta Arya, MBBS
Oscar Benavidez, MD, MPP
Manuella Lahoud-Rahme, MD
Endocrinology & Diabetes Eray Savgan Gurol, MD
Nicole A. Sherry, MD
Leah Berthold, RN, CDE
Gastroenterology & Nutrition Timothy Buie, MD
Esther Israel, MD
Jess L. Kaplan, MD
Aeri Moon, MD
Christopher Moran, MD
Harland S. Winter, MD
Qian Yuan, MD, PhD
Janet L Brideau, RN, MSN, CPNP
Hematology-OncologyMary Huang, MD
Nephrology & Hypertension Elahna Paul, MD, PhD(starting November 2015
NeurologyRobin M. Jones, MD
Orthopaedics Maurice Albright, MD
Jeffrey B. Kreher, MD
Pulmonary Shannon Fracchia, MD
Ben Nelson, MD
Rheumatology Holly Rothermel, MD
Surgery David Lawlor, MD
Peter Masiakos, MD
Daniel Ryan, MD
Urology Rafael Pieretti, MD


Explore our community locations

You can see MassGeneral for Children specialists in more than a dozen locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.


Pediatric Primary Care

MassGeneral Hospital for Children pediatricians are on the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital and the faculty of Harvard Medical School. They have every resource of the hospital available and will also work with you to coordinate your child's more complex health care needs.


Once we start caring, we never stop

Your kids won’t always be young--but they’ll always be welcome at Massachusetts General Hospital. The world-class care they receive here as children will grow as effortlessly as they do.