Pediatric Residency Program

MassGeneral Hospital for Children pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents present evidence-based medicine grand rounds during their senior year.

Cases from the Wards

Every MassGeneral Hospital for Children pediatric and medicine-pediatric resident presents an evidence-based medicine grand rounds during the senior year. The talks are based on patients the residents have cared for during their time as residents. Resident "Cases from the Wards" grand rounds are extremely well-liked by residents and faculty alike. Recent presentations have included:

  • 10 month old with fever, abdominal distension and lymphadenopathy (HIV)
  • 4 month old female with a rare pediatric tumor (Juvenile granulosa cell tumor)
  • 18 month old "breathing hard and fast" (Myocarditis)
  • 14 yo F with fever, LUQ pain and jaundice (EBV)
  • 3 yo F with meningitis (Hib)
  • 11 month old with weakness (Guillain Barre Syndrome)
  • 5 month old with constipation, decreased feeding and hypotonia (Botulism)
  • 9 year old with fever and respiratory distress (Hypersensitivity pneumonitis)
  • 11 yo with chronic compartment syndrome (Prothrombin gene mutation)
  • 10 week old with persistent croup (infantile hemangioma)
  • 16 month old with fever and seizure (TB meningitis)
  • 9 year old female with fever, acute mental status changes and seizures (Febrile epileptic encephalopathy)
  • 17 year old with compartment syndrome (Ingestion of rat poisoning)


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