MassGeneral Hospital for Children, the oldest provider of pediatric services in Boston, has provided comprehensive, compassionate care to children since 1821. This is a tradition that every physician, nurse and staff member at MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) is committed to keeping—and expanding—into the 21st century and beyond.

From exciting new breakthroughs in diagnostic testing and imaging technology, to promising advances in more precise (and less invasive) surgical procedures, to consistently excellent acute and emergency care for infants, children and adolescents—MGHfC is committed to helping even more children and their loved ones in the generations to come.

You Can Make a Difference

Massachusetts General Hospital has named MGHfC a Campaign Center of Excellence, making it a fundraising priority and a part of the hospital’s overall Campaign for the Third Century of MGH Medicine.

This campaign will support key areas of MGHfC that are uniquely positioned to leverage the resources of Mass General. We are at a point in scientific research where it is no longer a question of whether we will be able to find drugs and other therapies to treat many illnesses, but when. Philanthropy will allow MGHfC to take advantage of advances in science and usher in a new era of disease prevention, treatment and cures that will impact today’s pediatric patients.

Our donors enable every aspect of what we do to advance the health of children, and this drive will help MGHfC:

  • Launch new investigations while speeding and expanding the most promising current research — and hasten the translation of those innovations into clinical care
  • Recruit leading physicians who can complement MGHfC’s exceptional faculty and strengthen clinical programs that distinguish the hospital
  • Advance the careers of “rising stars” who are the future of pediatric medicine
  • Expand support and services for children and families with complex physical and emotional needs
  • Make the strongest possible commitment to underserved children and their families locally and globally
  • Enable MGHfC to disseminate its best practices, research discoveries and clinical advances to other care providers and help influence public policy on child health issues

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