Child & Adolescent Resource Materials Website

The CARMA website, created and maintained by MassGeneral Hospital for Children, provides primary care pediatric providers with easily accessible web-based resources to support their practice of high quality, evidence-based medicine.

CARMA-produced materials are reviewed by an advisory board of Massachusetts General Hospital-affiliated primary care pediatricians and internist-pediatricians prior to posting.

Watch a one-minute video to see how CARMA can save you time and help you provide better care to your patients every day.

Accessing CARMAFrom anywhere with your Partners log in:

For PCHInet Users:

  • Log into using Internet Explorer (8.0 or above).
  • Once logged into PCHInet, click on Medical References --> CARMA.

From LMR (for providers associated with Mass General locations):
  • CARMA is listed under the Resources tab

Tip: For quick access, consider making CARMA your home page, or saving it as a bookmark.

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