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Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Seminar Series, a series a talks on recent advances in biostatistics with a focus on translation into practice.  Topics and sessions vary; for more information, please click here.


Models of Disease Boot Camp

July 6-24, 2015

Before starting their basic/translational research fellowships, clinical fellows and residents have the opportunity to participate in the MoD Boot Camp. This popular three-week course is offered annually, and consists of a variety of group activities that include interactive lectures presented by leading faculty on their recent discoveries, reviews of topical updates in biomedical science by leaders in academia, and panel discussions on topics ranging from academic-industry interactions to strategies for translation to team science. Fellows enrolled in the course have the opportunity to lead discussions on key papers, participate in a mock study section, attend sessions with department chairs to discuss job-negotiating strategies, and take part in career workshops with senior research fellows and junior faculty. Graduates of previous camps have uniformly shared enthusiastic reviews about their experiences.

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Introduction to Translational Medicine

October 13-16, 2015, Applications due August 21, 2015

An introduction to the principles and practice of T1 Translational Research for MD, DMD, PharmD, DNP, PhD or equivalent who are involved in basic or clinical research. Utilizing both case studies and a didactic curriculum, Introduction to Translational Medicine (ITTM) is a survey course that offers an introduction to the skills necessary to embark on a career in translational research, particularly in the process of bringing an idea from the laboratory to first-in-human trials (called T1 translational research). This course focuses on the principles and practices of translational medicine as they apply to the development of a new drug (small molecules and/or biologics), device, or diagnostic. Case studies allow participants to grasp the realization of the concepts discussed. Each attendee receives training in the pre-clinical development of novel targets and leads, clinical pharmacology, the regulatory process, and design of the first-in-human clinical trial. In addition, participants learn about funding opportunities for translational research, as well as how to navigate academic/industrial collaborations that lead to the successful development of new drugs or methodologies.

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New Video Series for Prospective Participants The Research Subject Advocacy Program has developed a series of brief informational videos for those considering research participation. The series discusses the importance of clinical research, risks, and benefits of participating, and participant rights and protections. Watch the series on the Harvard Catalyst website.

ClinicalTrials.gov: What is it? How do I register? Federal law and journal publication standards require that investigators register their clinical studies in a publicly accessible database. It's a complex topic, but don't worry, Harvard Catalyst has resources and guidance available to help you understand how the regulations impact you and your research, and how to register your study on clinicaltrials.gov. If you're a research administrator looking for tools to help present this information to your investigators, we've got that too.

Research Subject Bill of Rights & Brochure Available in 15 Languages
Looking for materials in translation to support conversations with non-native English speakers? The Research Subject Advocacy Program has translated the Research Subject Bill of Rights and informational brochure "Should I Be A Research Subject?" into 15 languages: Albanian, Arabic, Cape Verdean, French, Greek, Haitian Creole, Italian, Khmer/Cambodian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

New Informational Brochures for Research and Prospective Research Subjects Available
Looking for materials to support conversations with research and prospective research subjects? The Massachusetts Research Subject Advocacy Group has developed informational brochures to provide prospective research subjects with basic information and important issues to consider on genetic research, social and behavioral research, MRI, PET, and CT Scans, as well as blood draws. Please see the website to preview and download these brochures.

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