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Learn how the Research Council supports and enhances research activities within MassGeneral Hospital for Children as well as new initiatives and directions for pediatric research at Mass General.

Research Council Newsletter

The current issue features research of Anne Needham Thorndike, MD, (Preventing obesity in the supermarket aisle); Kriston Ganguli, MD, (pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis and preventive strategies in premature infants); Angela Lin, MD, (clinical research in the field of birth defects surveillance); and Josephine Lok, MD, (microvasculature disturbances after brain trauma) Volume 6, Issue 3

Past issues are available in the Newsletter Archive.

The Research Council e-newsletter is published three times a year and includes information regarding (i) research programs at MGHfC of established and upcoming investigators, (ii) updates on new grants received by faculty and fellows, and (iii) participation of faculty, fellows, residents and medical students at national and international meetings.

Announcements & Awards

The MGHfC Research Council sends out announcements every two weeks regarding upcoming grant opportunities and deadlines, as well as research related educational offerings from the Harvard Catalyst, the Clinical Research Program at MGH, the Center for Faculty Development, Office for Research Career Development, MGH Women’s Careers and MGH Research. Every year, the Research Council selects researchers for awards of pilot feasibility grants and the summer course in clinical effectiveness at the Harvard School of Public Health, and links to past and current awardees are included below.

Goals and Objectives

In July, 2008, Dr. Ron Kleinman began working with Drs. Allan Walker and Jim Perrin to establish a research council to support and enhance research activities within MassGeneral Hospital for Children and to advise him on new initiatives and directions for pediatric research within Mass General. His charge to this council was very broad-based. To stimulate interest in academic careers in basic and clinical investigation, the council was asked to identify and convey to the pediatric community opportunities for research electives for both house staff and subspecialty fellows, to identify potential sources of funding for attendance by trainees and junior faculty at national meetings of the pediatric academic societies and similar organizations, and to provide information on grant funding possibilities at the NIH and other government institutions and agencies, and by national and local foundations that fund research in pediatrics.

In addition, the council was asked to represent to the Executive Committee on Research at Mass General the breadth and scope of research activities within MassGeneral Hospital for Children and to encourage research collaborations across clinical disciplines within the MGHfC. It was also asked to suggest core support (facilities, administrative, funding) that could be established at MGHfC to enhance specific research programs within the pediatric research community. Finally, the council will review the faculty annually for those who should be proposed for membership in national research based societies.

The council was established soon after the initial conversations. Members were chosen to represent all sectors of research in pediatrics at MGHfC, and the list of members has been expanded over time.

Two goals of the council were initiated: 1) A quarterly newsletter (the MGHfC Research Newsletter) to provide brief reviews of research programs in pediatrics, list funding opportunities in pediatric research, and highlight research accomplishments of our faculty (onging); 2) the annual MassGeneral Hospital for Children Research Day (March/April) to highlight accomplishments in research from our pediatric community (ongoing).

The Council has also initiated E-announcements that are sent out twice a month and inform the MGHfC community about grant opportunities, research lectures, workshops, symposia and training programs.


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