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Center for Child & Adolescent Health Research and Policy Seminar Series

September 2013 –June 2014
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The mission of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Child & Adolescent Health Research and Policy (CAHRP) is to build the scientific knowledge base in order to provide evidence for effective advocacy, policies and program development that promote the lifelong health and wellbeing of children, their families and the communities in which they live and grow. Through innovative, multilevel research that is based on principles of social justice and the view that child development is a dynamic process of changing interactions between biology, behavior, and the physical and social environment, the Center works to improve lifecourse health development and the quality of systems serving children, families and communities and also to reduce health disparities.

The CAHRP multidisciplinary faculty each have their own research focus and also work collaboratively on projects related to the Center’s mission.

Elizabeth Goodman, MD, Director
The Goodman lab dedicated to decreasing the burden of disease, particularly related to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among disadvantaged youth, their families and communities. The lab has two main lines of inquiry: 1) understanding the processes through which differences in social status influence children’s health and the trajectory toward adult cardiovascular health, and 2) developing and evaluating programs which build strengths, encourage civic engagement, and offer opportunities for teens to positively impact both themselves and their environments. Current projects include the PSD Study a longitudinal study of social status impact on health of adolescents and young adults, and IPACE (Intervention and Policy Advocacy for Changing Environments) which conducts community-based research to further knowledge through community partnerships that promote health and sustainable, systemic change. 

Alexy Arauz Boudreau, MD, MPH
Dr. Arauz Boudreau’s interests focus on determining effective means to reduce health disparities for vulnerable children by impacting childhood development both through community and primary care initiatives. A major focus of her research has been directed at how to structure pediatric primary care practices to optimally support child development and school readiness. Current projects include Healthy Living Today, a child-parent intervention to address childhood obesity through an interactive family approach to lifestyle choices with the aid of health coaches working in tandem with primary care providers and projects related to the medical home.

John Patrick T. Co, MD, MPH
Research interests include: 1) The use of information technology, particularly clinical decision support, to improve the quality of care delivered in pediatric primary care practice, 2) Pediatric quality measurement and improvement, and 3) Medical education.  Current research projects include studying the feasibility of integrating electronic medical record, web-based pre-visit screening into the ambulatory setting for identifying and managing pediatric chronic conditions.  Another project is looking at the effect of clinical decision support on the quality of care delivered for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

Inyang Isong, MD, MPH, SM
Dr. Isong’s research focuses on evaluating family and community determinants of children's oral health status and access to care, and understanding their role in oral health disparities.

Milton Kotelchuck, PhD, MPH
Dr. Kotelchuck runs the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) life course research laboratory at the CAHRP. The MCH life course research laboratory focuses on better understanding of the impact of  prenatal and obstetric experiences on subsequent child health and development and on maternal and family health. The lab aims to enhance MCH data system capacities, including improvements in the measurement of child morbidities and health disparities and  improve State and national MCH early life programs and policies. Current projects include examination of the impact of Assisted Reproductive Technique conceptions; maternal gestational diabetes recurrence; late preterm (34-36) deliveries; and maternal alcohol and drug abuse and treatment, Down syndrome survival and autism diagnosis. 

Karen Kuhlthau, PhD
The Kuhthau lab’s research aims to improve the lives of children and families through improving clinical care and health care systems particularly in relation to children with special health care needs as well as children with brain tumors and children with autism. The lab uses both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and a variety of data sources. 

Nicolas Oreskovic, MD, MPH
Dr. Oreskovic’s research focuses on how the built environment, including architecture and urban planning, can affect people’s health, particularly how it can affect chronic diseases in children.  He is Principal Investigator for an NIH K 23 Award study, “Children's Use of the Built Environment for physical activity Study (CUBES),” a multidisciplinary study aimed at better understanding where and how children and adolescents use the built environment for physical activity and collaborates on multiple other obesity-related projects.

James Perrin, MD
The Perrin group studies chronic health conditions in children and adolescents, with particular focus on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Recent work has examined care improvement for children with ASD and racial and ethnic disparities in autism diagnosis and care.  The team also provides evidence to support decision-making regarding newborn genetic screening and has examined recent policy and changes regarding public programs supporting children with disabilities (the Supplemental Security Income [SSI] program).

Jeanne Van Cleave, MD
Current research in our group focuses on how physicians and practices adopt and use new practices, programs and tools over time. Specific projects investigate barriers and facilitators to implementing changes for managing mental health conditions in pediatric primary care. We are also collaborating on a project that investigates how motivated pediatric practices become closer to the ideal "medical home."

Jonathan P. Winickoff, MD, MPH

In General: James M. Perrin, MD

In General awards and honors

The CAHRP publishes the results of its research projects in a broad array of distinguished academic journals, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of our work. 


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