Lurie Center for Autism: Adult Occupational Therapy

The Lurie Center Spaulding provides occupational therapy and assessment for adults with autism spectrum (ASD) and related developmental disorders.

As part of the continued growth of the Lurie Center, the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network offers services to adolescents and adults with autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities through our Lexington and Wellesley clinics. Our goal is to assist with their transition into adulthood and the community.

To schedule an appointment with one of our Spaulding occupational therapists at the Lurie Center, please call 781.860.1742 or visit us online.


Deconstructing Autism

The week little Neil Buckley lost all his words, Maura and Paul Buckley lost their bearings.


Learn about research opportunities at the Lurie Center for Autism

The Lurie Center for Autism conducts innovative research to advance knowledge of autism spectrum and developmental disorders.


Educational Opportunities at the Lurie Center for Autism

The Lurie Center for Autism is committed to advancing knowledge about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for families, professionals, students, and trainees.