Lurie Center for Autism

Please call the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Access Center before completing our Pediatric or Adult Patient Information Forms.

Request an Appointment

To request an initial appointment for an evaluation at the Lurie Center, please call 1.888.644.3248.

  • Appointments for speech-language, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are scheduled through our Lurie Center partners, Spaulding Outpatient Center for Children Lexington. Please call 781-860-1742 for guidance on scheduling a new appointment for these services.
  • All patients must have a MGH patient number to schedule an appointment and receive services at Mass General Hospital. If you or your child is not already registered and would like to schedule an appointment, please call the MGH Registration and Referral Center at 866.211.6588 to complete the registration process and obtain an MGH patient number.
  • Please have this MGH patient number available when you call to request an appointment.

When you call, you will be asked a few questions to assess if the Lurie Center provides the services that meet the needs of you or your child.  Even though your physician may have already made a referral to the Lurie Center, we still need you to call us. Please be aware that the Lurie Center is a specialty care clinic and that you or your child will need to have a primary care provider outside our clinic.  After reviewing this information with our team, the New Appointment Coordinator will either ask you to complete a new patient information form or refer you to another provider or agency that might better serve you. 

We recognize that our new appointment forms are long and time-consuming to complete, but they provide us with very important information to better care for you or your child.  We appreciate you taking the time to carefully and thoroughly complete them.

Since our new appointment forms are lengthy, please do not complete these forms until you have spoken with our Access Center.

If your child is 13 or younger, please complete the Pediatric Patient Information Form (Word).

If your child is age 14 or older, please complete the Transition/Adult Patient Information Form (Word).

Once we receive your completed information form, our New Appointment Coordinator will contact you within 10 business days to either:

  • Schedule an appointment for an evaluation or
  • Refer you to another provider(s) that may better serve your needs.

Preparing for the first appointment at the Lurie Center

For many individuals with autism spectrum disorders, going to new places and medical visits can be difficult and anxiety provoking.  Once you or your child is scheduled for an appointment at the Lurie Center:

  • Ask the New Appointment Coordinator to summarize how long the first visit will last and what will likely happen at the appointment.
  • Ask the name of the provider and visit our Lurie Center provider multimedia site to “meet’ your provider and your Family Support Clinician with a brief video “introduction.”
  • Prepare for your Visit to the Lurie Center by “visiting” the center in advance on our multimedia site.
  • Email us at if you have any questions.
  • Fill out release of information form to share any additional reports or evaluations the patient may have had.



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