Lurie Center for Autism: Pediatric Neurology

The Lurie Center for Autism at Massachusetts General Hospital provides neurology evaluations and services to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related developmental disorders.

Meet the Team

Our pediatric neurology services are the foundation upon which the integrated care model of the Lurie Center was built. Lurie Center neurologists recognize the multiple causes and conditions of autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disorders and treat the “whole” child in the context of their environment. Constantly alert to the possibility of other health related issues that may affect these children, our neurologists collaborate with the other professionals at the Lurie Center to promote optimal developmental progress and improved quality of life.

We specialize in caring for children with both developmental disorders and complex medical needs. Our neurologists have many specialized areas of expertise, including epilepsy, tic disorders, and other genetic conditions.

Our neurologists provide both direct clinical care and opportunities for participation in research.


Deconstructing Autism

The week little Neil Buckley lost all his words, Maura and Paul Buckley lost their bearings.


Learn about research opportunities at the Lurie Center for Autism

The Lurie Center for Autism conducts innovative research to advance knowledge of autism spectrum and developmental disorders.


Educational Opportunities at the Lurie Center for Autism

The Lurie Center for Autism is committed to advancing knowledge about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for families, professionals, students, and trainees.