Lurie Center for Autism Research

The mission of the Lurie Center for Autism is to advance knowledge of the causes of and treatments for autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders and rapidly translate these discoveries into exceptional clinical care over a lifetime.

The Lurie Center for Autism is involved in collaborations with basic science researchers from around the globe to discover the fundamental causes of autism.  At the Lurie Center, our Lexington based clinic that provides clinical care and clinical research, we offer children and adults with autism spectrum disorders an opportunity to participate in clinical research that provides unprecedented access to new and promising treatment options. 

At the Lurie Center, we integrate research into our clinical practice.  We partner with individuals and families to incorporate groundbreaking research into the heart of our clinical practice. With participation in research, our study volunteers join an important partnership with the research community and contribute to increasing knowledge of autism and related disorders.



Pill swallowing can be a challenge for many individuals.  Check out these helpful hints: Teaching your Child to Swallow a Pill.

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Deconstructing Autism

The week little Neil Buckley lost all his words, Maura and Paul Buckley lost their bearings.


Educational Opportunities at the Lurie Center for Autism

The Lurie Center for Autism is committed to advancing knowledge about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for families, professionals, students, and trainees.